Technology And Communication Essay

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Technology and Communication
Amy Pandiscio
March 18th, 2014
Mr. Geoghegan

Technology and Communication
Technology has become far more advanced over the years in the criminal justice system. With all the advanced technology available, it affects the communication capabilities used within the system, both with positive and negative affects. This paper allows a person to learn a little more about the technology available and its affects.
One advanced technology used in the criminal justice system is the biometric iris scanning technique. The iris scanning technology used to allow for the capture of each individual’s unique iris pattern by the use of a photograph. ...view middle of the document...

99 seconds using the old method. Because the segmenting rate is much quicker, it allows for fewer instances in specular reflection in the iris image as well as lowers the error rate from 9.65% to 3.66%(“Iris and Facial Recognition”, 2014). Savvides also decided to focus on device efficiency. Typically an iris recognition device only captures an image of one iris at a time. The user then must by hand enter in the proper information such whether it is the left or right eye. Because this must be done manually, this can cause accidental identification and mislabeling. Savvides and his researchers have developed a system in which both irises can be scanned at the exact same time. This has been shown to be more effective and 99% accurate(“Iris and Facial Recognition”, 2014). Iris scans is now a rapidly growing technology used with police departments, immigration, military surveillance, prison release programs and even in retail stores("Biometrics: Facial Recognition And Iris Scanning", n.d.).
Facial recognition is another form of technology used in the criminal justice system. Facial recognition, just as iris scanning, is a biometric identity. It is used to confirm identity matches in various environment situations. Facial recognition has faced some challenges with two of the biggest being pose correction and image capturing. When a suspect is on the move, it is hard to capture a clear image at times when using surveillance cameras. Only one or two images can be actually used out of the many possible frames. Savvides development has allowed for facial recognition technology to capture 100 images frames within one second. This allows the ability to pinpoint facial imaging much more useable (“Iris and Facial Recognition”, 2014). Another challenge that faces facial recognition is non frontal facial images. For facial recognition databases to have proper data imaging of a suspect, the suspect must be in a front facing position which can be proven difficult if the suspect is uncooperative or the image from a camera is in a non-frontal position(“Iris and Facial Recognition”, 2014). Savvides and his team have developed the ability to take a non-frontal image and correct it into a frontal position. A two dimensional non-frontal image is taken along with identifiable facial features and recreated into a three dimensional model using what is called depth mapping technique. The three dimensional model is then corrected into a frontal pose that is suited back to a two dimensional image used for facial recognition databases(“Iris and Facial Recognition”, 2014). Facial recognition is used by all levels and forms of law enforcement within the United States and funded by federal money, with the US...

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