Technology And Climate Change Essay

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Technology and Climate Change
The world that we live in today has become very much advanced and dependent on technology. We hear or witness a new technology being invented that is supposed to make human life easier. There are many technologies that have changed our world for the better, but many others that have slowly pushed our world towards ruin. Technologies that were introduced and are still used in areas like the medical field have been able to save millions of lives. However, technologies that became the heart and soul of many big successful manufacturing corporations have been damaging our environment and ecosystem with their excessive greenhouse gases emissions, such as carbon ...view middle of the document...

We cannot deny the fact that excessive use of technology in almost all of our everyday activities has contributed to the current global climate change. However, in contrast to Dardozzi’s argument, it would be impossible to not depend on the technology as one of the crucial ways to address climate change. Coming this far in the era of technology, we cannot imagine the world without it. According to Shelley Orman’s report on, it would be very hard for people to give up their phone, the Internet and not use the computer in this digital age. They simply cannot give up the comforts technology has introduced in their lives. For example, they cannot replace electricity with fires and candles, computers with typewriters, and efficient cars with bikes in order to save energy as an effort on reducing our individual carbon footprint. We cannot ignore the notion that people have become so dependent on certain technologies that even to address the problems they have caused to our environment we simply cannot disregard them but have to work with them since we need them. According to the writer and independent environmental service professional Niclas Hällström, “Appropriate technologies, both old and new, are clearly needed to solve the problems of global warming. There is no doubt that the world needs technological innovation”(379). Hällström strongly believes that the right technological breakthroughs are absolutely needed to tackle the issues of climate change. Since it’s too late to go back to the world without technology, the best thing we can do is try to come up with the solutions where we can still use better technologies by decreasing their negative impacts on our environment substantially.
We can lessen our negative impacts on our climate by making the technologies that are absolutely necessary in our daily lives more sustainable and eco-friendly and also using them wisely only when needed. For example, we have already made our refrigerators, computers, printers, air conditioners, light bulbs, and vehicles energy efficient. They use substantially less energy compared to their energy usage in the past. In the article “The Next Green Revolution”, Steffen states, “You don’t change the world by hiding in the woods, wearing a hair shirt, or buying indulgences in the form of save the earth bumper stickers.” We can’t address the climate change issue going backwards in time. We need to come together and move forward with wholehearted commitments to make some essential individual changes in our daily lives to address the global problem. We have already started to use our technologies more wisely than ever. We are turning off the computers completely when they are not in use. We make sure the lights are turned off in our houses when they are not needed. We can also recycle our waste products, replace our old appliances with energy efficient ones, walk or cycle short distances rather than driving, and switch to eco-friendly vehicles that pollutes...

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