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Technology Essay

1540 words - 7 pages


By: Raymond Price

I. Introduction

In today’s world technology has come a long way in helping people: examples of these ways are phones, medical, internet, science, machines, engineering, computers, and social media. Technology has made the world much easier place to live in. Not only has technology made the world easier to live in, it is now much safer and more comfortable than ever. The technology field is always making challenges for us to do as we grow towards more on a everyday basis. Technology has change us many ways too. The question to ask is. Why is Technology is so important us around the world?

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Plus the business can do more out in the field with the new technology that is out there now.

The medical technology has become more easier to use by doctors now days. There are more of a wide range of health care products we can use to help us to live a little longer. By this the doctors can treat disease or some medical conditions that are effecting humans. For an example of this is the applications of medical science, pharmaceutical’s, devices, procedures and organization system. If you take a look at the devices that doctors uses with these it helps them out on diagnosis, therapy, and surgery. There are several types of this process that can be use in surgery and they are from Laser, Micro, Robotic and this is way to help the surgeon to control the instrumentation of the process. This would always improve on a everyday basis. You could ask yourself this. What if the medical technology wasn’t here like it was in the early years? I would say the answer could be that we the people might not have live long as we are doing in today’s world.

The science of technology has it ways of having a big part of controversies on the world. Plus there are more schools and college’s offer’s degrees in the type of study on this part could have many key themes in a term. To list some of controversies in the world today are the political and cultural values, the last is on the gaming community around the world. On the political part of this on the people that are trying run for something for the state or the country they are always talking about they could help the people in the country but sometimes this makes the country worst. The cultural values is one the music that coming out and playing around the country today. The gaming community has change because there are more people out there playing more games and becoming more socialize . The key terms of this is the science we are always learning something new about this and always keep learning. Plus this technology there are always something there to talk about around the world and it can go on for centuries’. Most of us would go back and do some research on this topic to see how it change the world around us.

The computers and the engineering has become more effective on the way we live in our country and the usage the we are on them. I would say that computers has come long way down on the prices since they first came out and they are a little cheaper to buy now. With this effect it could let more people buy the computer for their home or for their children. This does help out our children now days because it is a easier way learning while the children are a young age. Now let’s talk about the programs that are in the computer . The operation system are a lot more easier to use then they were in the past and know a person want’s to they can program there on computer system such as software called the [Dragon] this would allow you to talk in a microphone and the computer just type’s it...

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