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Technologt Parks And Their Role In National Development

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Industrial and technology parks are places which, due to a concentrations of firms from one sector and supporting science and research facilities, are enabled to develop quickly. This is a pro-development model that is increasingly being implemented in our country. The facilities being offered, are applicable both to Polish and foreign businesses.
Though there are many common factors in the industrial and technology parks (missions, goals, forms of operating, organisation, etc...), it’s a very diversified segment. Each of the parks has its own individual character, stemming from regional social, cultural and economic factors, together with the facilities, materials and human resources available. There is no universal model for the parks, or organisational form for businesses, guaranteeing success. Specific initiatives reflect the differing local environments of: science and business, the economic character and industrial traditions, together with the cultural factors ...view middle of the document...

By providing a location in which government, universities and private companies cooperate and collaborate, science parks create environments that foster collaboration and innovation. They enhance the development, transfer, and commercialization of technology.

Technology Parks And Their Role In National Development

Technology Park And Their Role In National Development

A science park or science and technology park   is an area with a collection of buildings dedicated to scientific research on a business footing. There are many approximate synonyms for "science park", including Research Park, technology park, techno polis and biomedical park. The appropriate term typically depends on the type of science and research in which the park's entities engage, but many of these developments are named according to which term gives the park the best profitability and naming advantages. Often, science parks are associated with or operated by institutions of higher education (colleges and universities).
These parks differ from typical high-technology business districts in that science parks and the like are more organized, planned, and managed. They differ from science centers in being concerned with future developments in science and technology. Typically businesses and organizations in the parks focus on product advancement and innovation as opposed to industrial parks that focus on manufacturing and business parks that focus on administration.
Besides building area, these parks offer a number of shared resources, such as uninterruptible power supply, telecommunications hubs, reception and security, management offices, restaurants, bank offices, convention center, parking, internal transportation, entertainment and sports facilities, etc. In this way, the park offers considerable advantages to hosted companies, by reducing overhead costs with these facilities.
Science and technology parks are encouraged by local governments, in order to attract new companies to towns, and to expand their tax base and employment opportunities to citizens. Land and other taxes are usually waived off or reduced along a number of years, in order to attract new companies for the science and technological parks.

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