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Technological transformations occur daily, affecting many groups of people. Two groups of people that were most affected before 1900 were farmers and physicians. The advancement in technology for both farmers and physicians has made impact for all. The advancements for farmers helped them to cover more land, producing more goods and at the same time lowering the cost to take care of a farm. Physicians were able to expand their knowledge and give better care to those in need. The machines and tools were able to give them a better idea of what was wrong with a patient. There were many inventions that helped in making ...view middle of the document...

These teeth would grab the cotton, pulling it through a tiny hole which the seeds could not fit through. Once this machine was invented the price of cotton dramatically dropped and was no longer more expensive than linen. The cotton gin was able to produce 1,000 pounds of clean cotton in the same amount of time that it would take one man to clean five pounds (Moore, 2008)
One of most beneficial inventions to farmers was the invention of a gasoline tractor. The gasoline tractor was invented by John Froelich in 1892 in Northeast Iowa. John Froelich decided that there had to be a better way than using a steam engine to move large equipment. Steam engines were hard to maneuver and extremely bulky. The steam engine design was also dangerous because of the threat of a fire starting to the fields and destroying all the crops. This new design of a gasoline tractor was a faster and safer way of farming. The invention of the gasoline tractor is one of the many inventions that help farmers increase productivity (Bellis).

The services that physicians provide play an important role in daily occupations. There have been many technological advances in this field that have helped lead the way to medical advancements. Wilhelm Rontgen invented the first X-ray machine in 1895. His invention first pictured a kidney stone and a penny which was stuck in a child’s throat. People were amazed by this new technology, which was aiding physicians to detect problems inside one’s body (Waters, 2011).
The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. The invention of the stethoscope made it possible to listen to the heart beat to ensure proper function. Physicians used to put their ear up to a person body to listen for a sound, the stethoscope made it easier and clearer to hear the beat of the heart. It was invented at a Paris hospital by a French doctor named Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec in 1816. The first stethoscope was made up of a wooden tube and was monaural. Many changes have been done to the stethoscope but the main principle still remains the same and assist physicians in providing quality care to patients (Weinberg, 1993)
While examining body structures and their functions, another important topic in medicine is being able to view culture samples in extreme detail. It is hard to tell who exactly invented the first microscope however, Hans Jannsen and his son, Zacharius, are credited with inventing the compound microscope. Bichat was a young scientist who wrote a book talking about the various organs in the body and how the microscope was extremely useful for looking at each organ. Once his book was published and the population saw the benefits of the microscope, it was more widely used in laboratories and in medical schools (Hajdu, 2002).
Impact of Technology
Farmers roles have transformed with the advancement in technology over the last couple hundred years. Farmers are now able to raise more cattle, and plant more crops...

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