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Technological Determinism Essay

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A/P COMN 3750 Essay 1

Theorists such as Adorno, Williams and Dienst have multiple views on the effect, development, and influence that Television has upon our society. Its original purpose and vision has been altered towards us, as society has and is still forever developing. Television did just not begin; it was and still is a process of evolution (Dienst, 3-12 A). To many, television is just a form of entertainment, to the normal eye that is. Dienst describes television as more than that, he shows us that numerous factors are responsible for what television and communication really was, is and still may become. Using Economic, Social factors and course material, this essay will ...view middle of the document...

The radio being a prime example is just a better way of being heard, because it is an advanced form of the most popular communication tool, which is speech (language) and non verbal speech (body language) (Dienst, 25 A) it is just a mass way of communicating using signals. The radio is brought up because though it was once very powerful, and television derived from it, the television has now surpassed the radio leaving very popularly quote in its surpassing “TV killed the radio” (Dienst, 25-33). Most interestingly, its almost as if TV is a super gene, continuously growing and adapting to society no matter what challenge is put towards it. With that being said, it must be asked why is that possible? Is it because we have become so dependent as a society that it made itself a need in our lives? Yes. Socially our generation has been molded to need numerous forms of televisual communications (Dienst 25-33 A) Majority are confused thinking TV is just the “box that we watch stuff on” it is way beyond than that. It’s a medium that has created a new kind of power not only socially but also economically.

Williams takes a profound interest in the cause and effect of Television as a culture in our society. Television revolutionized society in terms of its development, institution & its forms of effect as a whole in society (Dienst, 3-12 A). Television/forms of television (movies) have now become one of the, if not thee most popular medium in society today. Numerous devices have derived from the creation of TV, which can be considered an effect because of a cause. Now we have numerous colossal TV stations, satellite companies, and business accountable for billions of dollars around the world that need some form of TV to survive (Dienst, 3-12A). Its invention was created for a purpose but evolved to have numerous purposes in society as a whole (Dienst 3-13 A). Now used for entertainment, media, news etc. those being just a view key uses for Television as a whole. If television was not invented, Williams still believes that we would be powerfully be controlled by some source of technology; but that shows that he believes the television could be one of the most mind controlling inventions ever created. Williams excessively talks about the development and history of technology, in correspondent he states a key opinion, he believed that through the television, century developments have occurred with it. Having a television in your home in the early 1900s wasn’t common, it was only popular amongst the people that could afford it. Now the television is as essential as a fridge, maybe even more essential because people have more televisions in their home than fridges now a days.

The biggest hold that television has on the real world is its economic effect and what it has done to our world. Television is responsible for the use of billions, if not trillions, worldwide (Dienst, 3-12...

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