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Techniques Used In Making The Movie, A Touch Of Evil

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The scene that I decided to review was the opening scene that is displayed between Quinlan and Vargas. I picked this scene because there were some great uses of camera angles, sounds, cuts, lighting, and patterns. There are great displays of symbolism throughout the entire movie using these elements, but I particularly liked the opening scene because it’s sort of the showdown between Quinlan and Vargas. I like that it shows that they are like polar opposites in the beginning of the movie because there are many different elements to the story that are important. An important fact is that Quinlan and Vargas are two police officers from the opposite ends of a border, and are on the opposite ...view middle of the document...

Quinlan’s entrance scene which also contains the first time meeting with Vargas is an awesome example of how Welles applies his formal strategies for the film while incorporating one character’s feelings and another’s thoughts both in the same scene. In this opening scene, Welles is wanting to give of the idea that Quinlan and the Americans view Vargas solely as a “Mexican” who has no business in their police work and won’t be able to be of any service for their detective work unless it involves translations. With this vibe being sent off from Quinlan and his police crew, this allows Welles to convey Vargas’ feelings of being an outsider in this group of Americans. Welles presents the scene appropriately with the way that he decided to shoot it: Quinlan’s introductory shot is the distinct low angle, single shot. Next, in a succession of low angle shots, Quinlan greets the District Attorney and other fellow officers. Another element of this scene is the lighting that is used.
The majority of the movie is shot in sort of a dull lit environment, focusing the light mostly on the main characters. In the scene of the movie when Quinlan and Vargas both meet, they are in a not well lit area, but the light seems to shine on Vargas when he’s in the same scene as Quinlan. This symbolizes that Vargas is obviously going to be the shining light against Quinlan’s dark and evil antics throughout the movie. ...

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