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Technical Analysis Indicators

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* Buy and sell indicators
* Chaikin Oscillator
* Calculated as the difference between a 3 period exponential moving average of Accumulation/Distribution and a 10 period EMA of AD
* Buy when the oscillator moves above the zero line
* Sell when it moves below zero
* If the security makes a new high or low that is not confirmed by the chaikin oscillator, a potential reversal is pending
* Ease of Movement
* Reduces each period’s Rice and Volume to a single value that represents the ease at which prices are moving upward or downward
* Buy when EMV crosses above the zero line, indicating ease of upward price ...view middle of the document...

+DI represents the sum of adjusted increasing price movement over a period of time. -DI represents the sum of adjusted decreasing price movement over a period of time. +DI and -DI are normally plotted together in their own Pane. A buy signal is generated when +DI moves above -DI, a sell signal is given when +DI moves below -DI.
* DX, ADX, ADXR. DX is a rating (0 - 100) of the absolute directional movement of a security's price over the specified time period. If a security moves up in price a number of days, then down in price, ending basically unchanged, the DX will give a low reading. If the security consistently moves up (or down) in price, the DX will be higher. DX can be volatile, so a smoothing average is applied, resulting in the ADX indicator. ADXR is a special averaging of ADX.
* ADX and/or ADXR are normally plotted in a separate Pane. Low readings of ADX or ADXR indicate low directional movement, a consolidating or choppy market. High ADX or ADXR readings indicate high directional movement, a trending market.
* Money Flow Index
* An oscillator that attempts to quantify the strength of money flowing into and out of a security
* Similar to that of Relative strength index
* When the security’s price trends higher and the MFI trends lower, a top may form
* When the security’s price trends lower and the MFI trends higher, a bottom may for
* Another approach is to look for market tops or bottoms when the MFI reaches extreme values close to 0 or 100 then retraces
* Negative Volume Index
* Initially set to 100, then changes value only when volume is declining
* On Balance Volume
* Attempts to show the volume flow into or out of a security
* Can be interpreted in much the same way as AD indicator
* Positive Volume Index
* Initially set to 100, then changes value only when volume is increasing
* Price Volume Trend
* Attempts to show the volume flow into or out of a security
* Can be interpreted in much the same way as the AD indicator
* A price oscillator that displays that one period percentage change of a triple-smoothed exponential moving average of the security’s closes
* The trend of a security has changed when TRIX moves across the zero line
* Another approach is to plot TRIX with a 9 period moving average of TRIX
* Buy when TRIX crosses above its moving average
* Sell when TRIX moves below its moving average
* Williams’ Accumulation/Distribution
* Is a price momentum indicator that attempts to measure the “true” movement of prices during a trend
* Distribution of the security (a potential top) is indicated when the AD plot makes a new local high, but the security does not
* Accumulation of the security (a potential bottom) is indicated when the AD plot makes a new local...

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