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Tech 140 Essay

648 words - 3 pages

HW 1-Intro to Networking

True/False - Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____ 1. The simplest form of a network is a client/server network.

____ 2. Clients on a client/server network share their resources directly with each other.

____ 3. Hands-on experience to improve networking hardware and software skills is important when attempting to enter the networking field.

Multiple Choice - Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. Which statement describes an advantage of networks?
|a. |Networks require decentralized management. |
|b. ...view middle of the document...

|a. |servlet |c. |personal computer |
|b. |workstation |d. |server |

____ 5. ____ networks are the most popular type of network for medium- and large-scale organizations.
|a. |Client/server |c. |Stand-alone |
|b. |Peer-to-peer |d. |Stationary |

____ 6. A ____ network connects clients and servers from multiple buildings.
|a. |NAN |c. |WAN |
|b. |MAN |d. |TAN |

____ 7. Which network topology is the most common?
|a. |ring |c. |hybrid |
|b. |star |d. |Ethernet |

____ 8. ____ are the distinct units of data that are exchanged between nodes on a network.
|a. |Segments |c. |Topologies |
|b. |Packets |d. |Protocols |

____ 9. ____ services refer to the capability of a server to share data files, applications, and disk storage space.
|a. |File |c. |Management |
|b. |Data |d. |Access |

____ 10. ____ services allow remote users to connect to the network.
|a. |Connection |c. |Management |
|b. |Remote |d. |Access |

____ 11. The phenomenon of offering multiple types of communications services on the same network is known as ____.
|a. |convergence |c. |divergence |
|b. |unified communications |d. |multi-communications |

____ 12. Which type of service supports e-mail?
|a. |management |c. |access ...

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