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Tebow Time Essay

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Tebow Time
It has only been seven weeks since the start of Tebow Time, which is the time since Tim Tebow took over as full time starter for the Denver Broncos. In those eight weeks of Tebow Time, he has led the previously 1-4 Denver Broncos from the cellar of the AFC West to the top of the conference with an 8-5 record. Nothing about Tebow’s time in the NFL has been expected and most can hardly explain what it is he is doing and has done to turn the Denver Broncos season around. There is only one thing that one can conclude from Tebow’s short playing career in the NFL, and that is that he is a winner. It is all he has ever done, through college and even now in the pros. Tim Tebow is not ...view middle of the document...

Tebow did not start until the last three games of his rookie season, and finished with a 1-2 record as a starter. When this season began, many thought he was the third best quarterback on the Broncos, behind Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. After Orton led the Broncos to a 1-4 start, it was time for Tebow to step in and show everybody what he could do. He has gone 7-1 with multiple come from behind wins in the fourth quarter and overtime. His numbers are not good, but to Tim Tebow the only numbers that matter are wins and losses.
There is no easy way to explain what Tim Tebow is doing to turn the previously 1-4 Denver Broncos’ season around. He has been well below average in the first three quarters of games and only slightly above average in the fourth quarter when his completion percentage is 15 percent higher. One explanation for his victories is that he plays well at the end of games when it matters, but even then his numbers are near the bottom of the league in every category, except for one, wins. A group of Harvard students who are members of The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective tried to mathematically determine what it was that Tebow was doing better than Orton that was causing such a different result. The students called their study “A Statistical Analysis of the Miracles of Tim Tebow.” This study found the following;
“The group found that, despite being 5-1, the Broncos offense has trended downwards while the defense has only improved minimally. In other words, the Broncos’ recent winning ways flies in the face of science. Therein lies the miraculous power of Tebow. Or, in much more realistic terms, “while Tebow and the rest of the Broncos have not been producing better numbers, they’ve been producing their best numbers at the right times.” Otherwise known as the fourth quarter. Can it continue? The HSAC isn’t so sure. “The likelihood of Tim Tebow sustaining his current winning percentage looks rather dire.” Then again, if anyone is going to laugh in the face of science – it’s Tebow.” (Sandler 1)

The above prediction of Tebow’s downfall was published the week leading up to the Broncos game against the Minnesota Vikings in week 13, a game in which Tebow found his team trailing three times in the fourth quarter. Tebow and the Broncos beat the Vikings in week 13 and did the same to the Bears in week 14 when he led the Broncos to a win after trailing 10 with only two minutes and eight seconds remaining in the game. Tebow Time can’t be explained mathematically by any mathematician or logically by any football expert. Tebow is doing what he does best, winning.
Tebow has been the talk of the not only the football world recently, he has become a household name to everyone, even people who never watch football or sports of any kind. This is because of his strong Christian values that he has made known to the public. Every on field interview involves thanking his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Some people find this to be very annoying and...

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