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Teamwork In The Hospitality Industry Essay

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Teamwork in the Hospitality Industry
Teamwork is the primary gear that enables any business to run smooth and efficient. In this paper, the role of teamwork in regards to the food and beverage industry, entertainment, and accommodation will be discussed. Outcomes will be considered, and results of effective teamwork will be analyzed. Ultimately, each component of the industry will be examined in order to conclude how teamwork makes these businesses tick.
1. Food and Beverage
The food and beverage industry is often a hectic one, but in order to maintain balance, teamwork, leadership, and communication is required. According to Introduction to Hospitality 6e (Walker), this chain of ...view middle of the document...

According to Walker, the worker in charge of reporting costs to the executive chef is the restaurant manager. Walker writes that the restaurant manager records inventory and manages business marketing, which are both essential aspects towards a successful business. Following the manager and the executive chef are the cooks. According to Walker, the cooks prepare the meals and present them to the waiters/waitresses within an orderly period, while the waiters/waitresses must transport the food out of the kitchen and to the customers on time. Proper coordination and communication is required in order for this operation to run effectively.
Outside the kitchen are the bars. Bars provide a traditional spot to drink, eat, socialize, and have fun with friends. According to Walker, bars are an important revenue source because the profit percentage on beverages is higher than that of food items, making proper operation a priority. In relation to all other operations, a bar also requires a manager. Their responsibilities, according to Walker, include supervising orders, storage/care of wines, preparing a wine list, overseeing the staff, and maintaining cost control. Among the managers are the bartenders, which are responsible for the service of drinks. They may require the help of bar waiters/waitresses to deliver the drinks to customers that are not seated at the bar. Another highly important task is to make sure any underage customers are not present. The staff must always make a conscious effort to not serve any alcohol to minors in order to avoid legal issues. This can be avoided by always requesting photo ID upon service.
2. Entertainment/leisure
Teamwork is a huge factor in the entertainment and leisure industry in order to maintain maximum productivity. The effect of communication and synchronization is an advantage that is absolutely essential in terms of organizing and presenting entertainment. Individual roles must be clearly defined and objectives need to be achievable in order to maintain employee interest. Communication must be concise, and always displayed in a friendly, respectful, qualified manner (Teamwork in Hospitality). In this section, pools, casinos, and events will be examined to determine role that good teamwork plays.
Effective teamwork is essential within a pool service of a hotel. Among the many important roles are the lifeguards. A lifeguard is responsible for supervising and ensuring the safety of swimmers to deliver an excellent guest and member experience while ensuing swimmers are following pool rules and regulations. Life guards working in a team are a benefit to the organization when ensuring the safety and satisfaction of their customers. According to Teamwork in Hospitality, the pool services are responsible for maximizing guest experience while they enjoy the hotel's recreational facilities, including the pool and spa area. Teamwork in Hospitality states they are responsible with providing customers with an...

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