Teamwork At Google Essay

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Teamwork at Google
Organizational Behavior

February 22, 2012

Teamwork at Google
Teamwork is an increasingly a growing phenomenon in learning organizations. The concept is gaining popularity in this highly competitive business world as it allows organizations to maintain a creative edge and retain innovativeness and synergy in its operations. One of the most popular organizations for making effective use of teamwork is Google. Google fosters a corporate culture which not only supports but also encourages team work through project management and entrepreneurial ventures. This paper explores how Google makes use of team work and how teamwork has ...view middle of the document...

Team within the department as well as cross functional teams are a growing phenomenon in the organizations today, where teams may work on projects long term, and work at immediate short term projects with members from various departments at the same time. This highlights that organizations today are expanding not only the nature of their tasks but also expectations of collaborative working. This is being done so because in order to succeed in the fast moving environment, it is vital that organizations be up-t-o-date and innovative i.e. Dynamic and creative instead of being stagnant in their vision, mission and products and/or services. In order to shield itself from this threat, teamwork is crucial. This is because it allows the organizations to cost-effectively generate and execute ideas, instill and encourage high levels of creativity and optimize the limited resources.
This paper will explore how one of the leading companies of the present time, Google inc. Incorporates concepts of teamwork into its routine functioning, and how the application of teamwork has allowed the company to after giving a brief introduction of the company, the paper will explore various aspects of teamwork as they are implemented at Google. It will then look into the importance of teamwork for Google and how it rewards the same. The paper will then conclude with a brief summary of the findings.
Introduction to Google
Google was established fairly recently, in 1996, as what had initially been called ‘backrub.’ its founders, Page and Brin however, with the encouragement from Yahoo! Co-founder David Filo, decided to formally open a company in 1998, and started to look for financers to support them with enough resources, Google inc. Was legally established on September 7, 1998. Since its establishment, the organization has prided itself with a friendly and supportive work culture as well as maintained high customer and employee satisfaction. The organization is proud of itself over the corporate culture that it has created. It is this culture which gives way to innovation, creativity and teamwork (Wahla, 2006), which has allowed Google to remain a learning organization, hold off competition and be the market leader.
Teamwork at Google
Team work is at the core of Google’s corporate culture: all work and projects at the company are organized and carried out through teams. Thus, teams form with the intention of doing projects. Though an explicit and broader target or goal is provided to teams by their supervisors or the higher management, the corporate culture at Google does not dictate team strategies and means of achieving goals. There is absolute freedom and no pressure to determine the workflow within the teams and projects: the teams are self responsible for their work, the goals and the organization (Weber). Teams may choose any way and method, within reasonable time period, to carry out the larger goals; thus making...

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