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Teamwork And Motivation Essay

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Teamwork and Motivation

November 11, 2014

This paper will provide insight into how motivation is used in business. It will provide details on an organizations motivational plan, the theory used within, how to motivate a minimum wage worker and the affects of a diverse team. The diverse team’s culture, communication, attitude and behaviors all affect the desired outcome. Finally, it will touch on the experience of working in a team for the project.
Identify significant elements of an organization motivation plan that encourage high job satisfaction, high productivity, high quality work, and low turnover (i.e., job flexibility, training, recognition).

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The Motivation Plan for a company would include factors that provide job satisfaction. To be motivational, schemes need to be carefully designed to fit the type of work and type of employee. This might mean different schemes for different groups. This is an approach organizations might be reluctant to embrace, but in reward, one size rarely fits all (Reilly, 2014). Recognition is the main way the organization would address job satisfaction. Everyone wants to be a valuable part of a team and recognized for their hard work and a job well done. This is also a morale booster for each individual. They feel that they are an integral part of the team and will work harder to produce the desired results. There are various ways to show appreciation; peer nominated awards, employee of the month, promotions, transfers, and time off are just a few. Rewards have symbolic significance; they highlight the individual or team achievement and outstanding contribution. These types of recognition are remembered for years after the event and normally cherished by the individual.
Determine which motivational theory you would use to support your motivational plan.

The motivational theory used for this company would be the Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory. This theory describes the motivation process people use to evaluate the likelihood that their efforts will yield the results they want; not to mention the degree they want those results (Kurtz, 2012). This theory suggests people use three factors to determine how much effort to put forth. First factor is the “can do” component; the person’s subjective prediction that a certain effort will lead to the desired results. Second factor is the value of outcome or reward to the person. Third and final factor is the person’s assessment of how likely a successful performance will lead to a desirable reward (Kurtz, 2012). Reality is an employee is motivated if he or she thinks they can complete a task and achieve the results. Additionally, the organization would employ the equity theory. This theory is concerned with an individual’s perception of fair and equitable treatment (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien, & Hunt, 2012). Everyone has the tendency to compare their work efforts with others on their team; this is social comparison. If they believe that they are treated unfairly they are not likely to be motivated to continue to reach the organizations desired results. Also, the opposite is true, if they believe all members of the team are equal and contribute to the success of the business; then they will work harder to remain part of this successful team.
Propose three (3) ways to motivate the minimum wage service worker. Support your suggestions with a motivation theory.

The minimum wage worker can be the easiest or the hardest to motivate. There are many categories of minimum wage workers. The first is the teenager looking for pocket money and some independence. These workers are...

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