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Teaming Up Against Denial Of Service

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Teaming Up Against Denial of Service
Jayson Dazo
January 27, 2012
John Rogers

Teaming Up Against Denial of Service
The world of information technology is witnessing a historical shift towards cloud computing. Despite being relatively new on the world stage, cloud computing has been serving major companies for several years. Cloud computing centralizes company information and applications to an off-site and secure location to eliminate the need for local servers and associated infrastructure. This central location is accessible by any of the company’s end devices from the cubicle work station to a delivery drivers tablet PC. In addition to removing localized servers, ...view middle of the document...

In some cases, businesses like Alcatel-Lucent and Arbor Networks are teaming together and combining ideas to bring stability to the cloud.
Introduced in 2007, Arbor Network’s Threat Management System (TMS) is a detection application that has set the security standard in cloud service providers. Arbor’s website boasts that its latest incarnation of TMS, Peakflow SP, is an integrated, surgical, and application aware. Peakflow is just part of a comprehensive security suite that targets only the attacking traffic while still recognizing and allowing legitimate applications and other data.
Where Arbor’s TMS is the latest ‘missile’ in the security inventory, Alcatel-Lucent provides the delivery system in the form of the 7750 Service Router. The combination of the two resources not only combats the DDoS threat, but also keeps the attacks at the edge of the perimeter of the network. Attacks no longer have to be in the cloud to be recognized and treated, instead, the attacks can be identified at the gateway and eliminated there without having to take too many resources from normal operating conditions.
The system works, especially on paper, and the on-going test trials lend credibility to both company’s commitment to due diligence in perfecting their product. As mentioned earlier, by confining the counter-attack to the outskirts of the computing environment, resources are free...

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