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Team Work Along With One Relevant Theory

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In this essay I will give an explanation of team work along with one relevant theory and concept, the one model that I have chosen for this and that is best known for team selection is that of Belbin’s (1981) team profile.
I will identify factors that contribute to change and also conflict within teams and organisations.
Lastly I will be identifying the organisational cultures that exist within my own work place a resettlement unit with flats for men who have addiction issues.

A team can be described as a group of people who work together to achieve the same goals and objectives for the good of the service users and organisations in order to deliver a good quality of service.
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Shaper: Outgoing, dynamic and gets the results, but can be arrogant and abrasive.

Some of the factors that contribute to change and conflict within teams and organisations can be when new legislation/policy comes into place or when new members/staff join the team/organisation. The other members of the team need to promote partnership and work together to ensure that the team members and more importantly the service users are receiving the best quality of service. They can do this through promoting effective partnerships for example:
Clarity: Is vital in the planning and promotion of any changes. People are less likely to accept any type of changed unless they can see clearly the advantages that can be gained in the whole process and they can do this by becoming involved. Goals and their outcomes can be achieved and should be clearly identified and recorded. It’s important that team members and service users alike agree in order for any changes to stand the chance of being successful.
Empowerment: Is equally important so that service users can feel they can participate.
Conflicts can often arise if there are poor communication difficulties, lack of confidence, fears or disabilities.

Within an organisation there are various types of cultures including:
Club culture (share similar values and beliefs, use verbal communication)
Role culture (communication is formal, there are procedures to follow tasks)
Person culture (whereby members of the organisation come first in regards to their talents)
Within my own organisation I would say that my manager would be the Democrat leader, he makes decision and consults us all as team members, he delegates and encourages us all to participate in things such as group sessions, morning budget meetings, and support sessions. He is fully aware however of his role as leader and therefore takes full responsibility for his role.
The culture I feel that exists in my organisation is that all employees and service users are valued and respected, I t could also be said that it’s a combination of all cultures previously mentioned and the main aim of my organisation is to help our service users to obtain their own tenancy and help get them back into the community.


An evaluation of my findings include the following:

A team can be described as a group of people who work together to achieve the same goals and objectives for the good of the service users and organisations in order to deliver a good quality of...

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