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Team Strategy Plan Essay

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Team Strategy Plan
Micah Flores
March 20, 2014
John Humphries

Team Strategy Plan
Both in the past and contemporary organizations have used teams in business to change or enhance their operations or production. Although times have changed the beliefs and opinions of the use of teams within the organizational structure of given companies, the debate continues over which situations are best suited for teams to benefit the organization, and the type of team to create for a given company. Strategies for the creation of teams in business vary, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The key for any organization in the implementation of teams is to evaluate which type of ...view middle of the document...

Solutions are actually implemented and teams are held responsible for outcomes that derived from the group. This sort of unmanaged team is made up of usually no more than ten personnel, most likely from the same department or whose jobs are interdependent. Self-managing teams cut out the supervisors, leaving the accountability, responsibility, discipline, and leadership to the members of the group.
The idea behind this type of team is to create a cohesive unit, knowledgeable about the job and goal of the company. Cutting out the unnecessary supervisor and allowing the group to govern itself will ideally eliminate micromanagement of working employees and therefore boost job satisfaction. However, self-managing teams have been found to be susceptible to conflict, showing a lack of preparedness when members have a disagreement or an issue arises. Absenteeism is also a concern when creating these teams who manage themselves, which also have been found to have a higher job turnover rate. Nevertheless, self-managing teams have a tendency to increase job production and this is why they are put to use at organizations.
The third option for creating teams would be cross-functional teams. Cross-functional teams are comprised of employees from many different departments who are on the same hierarchical level. This sort of all-star team of employees who would usually not collaborate or cooperate on projects at all, are put together on a team to complete a given task or project together. Although the use of cross-functional teams in business has been in use for decades, recently popularity in organizations has grown and most major non-monopolistic companies take advantage of the strengths of a cross-functional group. Research has shown the use of cross-functional teams can increase efficacy and quality in production. It can also bring together employees of different organizations to collaborate on projects not formerly collaborated on. Although glaring strengths are present when creating cross-functional teams, weaknesses are apparent as well. Diversity and complexity of the teams has been known to cause problems in these groups. The trust that is a necessity between coworkers working together to complete a task take time to develop, especially considering these people would not usually be working together. Furthermore, the background and experience varies widely within the group, leading to possible miscommunication and issues appearing out of the occurrence of diversity. Companies in business understand the benefits that these teams bring to the organization, and this is why cross-functional teams are popular.
The final type of team associated with business organizations is the virtual team. Modern technology has provided for huge advancements in the way information is shared between people and electronics alike. Tools such as instant messaging and video teleconferencing have changed the way companies conduct business and have...

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