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Team Personality Plan Essay

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A Professional Development Plan addresses the characteristics of a team and the effectiveness and usefulness of each individual’s characteristics. In this discussion, we will address how each individual’s assessment defines them and their position on the team. Next, we will learn what their skills and strengths are as well as the areas that need improving. Last, we will develop a plan of action on how the team will work best together.
Figure 1
Figure 1 DISC Assessment Chart
Team Member | DISC Category | Characteristics |
Member A | Steadiness | * Concerned with stability  * Think logically * Want documentation and facts * Like personal ...view middle of the document...

This allows the other individuals in the team to voice their opinions and feel like their opinions are valued. Also, as a steadiness individual, I understand that each individual brings valuable information to the team. While I do tend to be the dependable and steady person, I realize that sometimes I fall into a routine and follow the same chain of events. It is important for me to realize that there are quicker ways of doing things and that things can change from time to time (Alessandra, 2014). Some of my strengths are actively listening, consistency, and the ability to follow through with tasks. The weak points for myself are that I tend to be slow and take things personally.

Cautious Personality
Member B and Member C both fall into the Cautious group. These individuals are the logically minded of the team and enjoy the research portions of the tasks. Some of their strengths are that they are both innovators and have an eye for detail. This allows them to find the flaws in a task prior to it reaching its intended destination. Additionally, they are both extremely organized in their information and approach of tasks. The weaknesses that Cautious individuals deal with are that they tend to nitpick and are perfectionist (Alessandra, 2014). It is almost impossible to be perfect so this is a fatal flaw that slows them down. Things that these individuals must work on are their time management and focus on adjusting to change.

Dominance Personality
Member D was placed in the Dominance group, which could not suit him better. As a Dominance individual, he is the go getter and the decision maker. He enjoys taking the lead on tasks and does a good job at it. Dominance’s strengths are that they are problem solvers and meet goals effectively. They are also considered to be headstrong and impatient (Alessandra, 2014). These weaknesses can cause them to struggle in the area of relationships with team members. They tend to come across as...

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