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Mary Callaway, Bridgett Jones, Diane Redmond, and Sandra Solis
March 19, 2012
Isabelle Ragsdale
Problem-solving requires many components to achieve the result such as identifying the problem, what the problem represents creativity, approach, and many more. A few of the approaches of problem-solving, which aid in uncovering a solution are a few of the following, such as unidentified assessment, procedure, technique, and the arrangement of the problem. Problem-solving occurs in every area of life because problems occur in daily life. Insight and creativity in problem-solving allow the person to use imagination, critical thinking skills, and ...view middle of the document...

 3) Problem-solving takes on social and cognitive behaviors that influence the problem space. To solve problems one first has to describe the circumstances, frame the “correct” problem, describe the end-state goals from a wide-ranging viewpoint of values and identify the alternatives.

How a doctor demonstrates his or her work by generating and testing method, which these demonstrations lead to problem-solving in seeking a cure for what ailments the patient suffers with at this time. When seeking for a cure for a patient's problem a doctor will try to think of every potential medicine, actions that can be of assistance. Next the doctor will recommend a treatment to see if it will do away with of the illness. If that particular one does not work, the doctor will advance to another medicine or cure.

The means-end analysis approach is a line of attack where the individual looks at the most wanted goal and breaks down the method it will obtain to reach the goal. For instance, if the goal is to get people to like one another he or she can set mini-goals that will assist him or her to achieve the larger goal of loving people. In this illustration the smaller goals could be first get people to like each other. The mini-goals help to solve the problem of getting people to meet together in the park. A few of the mini-goals occur when the pair sit and talk as well as exchange ideas and thoughts, which they may start to see that they could in time love each other.

The third problem-solving approach is reasoning-by-analogy. In a study done by Didierjean (1999), 18 college students were beginners at the game of dominos were shown domino problem illustrations. The individuals received comparable problems to solve. The area under discussion were to solve, topics only accomplished something on the problems next to the examples. The research demonstrated how the subject could use an analogy to solve the problems. The students remembered the unique example and solved the given problems using an analogous solution.

Insight and Creativity of Problem-Solving

Insight plays an important role in problem-solving. Problem-solving requires a person to restructure and reorganize the situation to come to a solution. “Insight occurs when a person suddenly arrives at a solution that had been difficult to reach” (Robinson-Reigler, B. and Robinsons-Reigler, G., 2008, p. 446). Insight occurs as a solution is found or the problem is solved. Problem-solving needs both insight and creativity to find the solution to any problem. “The Gestalt approach suggests the mind has an inherent tendency to organize incoming information along with organizational processes are the defining feature of cognition” (Robinson-Reigler, B. and Robinsons-Reigler, G., 2008, p. 446). A person used creativity to imagine the different possibilities. “Creative individuals are able to think outside the box to come up with new ideas, view old problems from a new...

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