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Team Organizational Statement Essay

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Team Organization Statement

Member Names: XXXXXXXXX
Team Name: Sustainable Innovations
Industry: Trash Disposal / Recycling
Date: September 16, 2011

Group Objectives:
Gain valuable experience working with groups to introduce the team to real world working experience. |
Implementing a strategy that is both efficient and well managed and time effective. |
Open and creative meetings where all members work together towards a common goal |
Incorporate a timeline to firmly follow deadlines and avoid procrastination. |
Create a product that is new-to-the-world that focuses around sustainable and green practices. |
Individual Objectives:
Gain experience to relate to ...view middle of the document...

The acceptable behavior would be to make an honest attempt to show to all meetings with visible effort in project completion. It is also expected for all members to spend an equal amount of time and effort on the project consistently through the semester.
It would be unacceptable for members to show up to meetings without completed work or to fail to communicate if a member will miss a meeting. It is also unacceptable to treat other members with disrespect or to be disruptive during meetings.

Project Product

Team Resources

xxxx | Good presentation skills, graphic design |
xxxx | Marketing Research, conducting surveys with SPSS |
xxxx | Marketing Research, conducting surveys with SPSS |
xxxx | Marketing Research, conducting surveys with SPSS |
xxxx| Marketing Research, good presentation skills, conducting surveys with SPSS |

Meetings / Communication / Responsibilities:
The team will plan to meet consistently through the semester at least once a week after class to complete group work.

The main form of communication would be through e-mail, however numbers have also been exchanged to increase communication between members.

The team will be equally responsible for all aspects of the project through reporting to the group, showing up for meetings, and sharing ideas.
The team will plan to meet consistently through the semester at least once a week after class to complete group work.

The main form of communication would be through e-mail, however numbers have...

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