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The Reforming of Health Care as it Pertains to Prescription Drugs in the United States

Professor Michele Burka, MBA

The Reforming of Health Care as it Pertains to Prescription Drugs in the United States
The Problem
America stands on the precipice of a new health epidemic; prescription drugs are the new face of concern for the average American citizen.; cost, shortages, and abuse can often be found on any given day in print, online, or more commonly, social networking sites. As technology continues to advance, so too does the ability to procure medications for 90% of what the body needs to maintain optimal health. In addition to this, agenda pushing doctors, ...view middle of the document...

The uses of these lists are intended to cut down on consumer spending, and lower participant’s drug costs. However, these formulary lists can be short sighted and exclude viable medications consumers need for health. This is a potentially compromising situation to the benefit of both the consumer and the insuring entity. As no two insurance entities have the same formulary, list consumers will be hard pressed to decide which is best for a family or for an individual. Additionally, with formulary lists changing almost monthly, what is a viable option to the consumer today, may in fact not be cost effective in the future.
Furthermore, American pharmaceutical companies struggle to keep abreast of the increase in need of specific prescription medications. Whether by choice, or by honest error, drug shortages cost consumers, and health care provider’s alike considerable amounts of cold hard cash annually. Cost and demand is a simple principle to understand when it comes to drug shortages; when the demand is high, the price is higher. Prescription drug shortages not only hurt the pocketbook, but also the health of every American involved that is in dire need and require those medications. People will pay almost anything for the ‘medicine’ called life.
Potential Solutions for Prescription Abuses
Prescription drug abuse in the United States (U.S.) has become an ever-growing and wide-ranging issue. No longer is it the ‘junkie’ that suffers this horrible plight, it is also the soccer mom, the teacher, the youth minister, and the champion equestrian rider that addiction has found. Abuse of medication can be classified as any use other than the purpose for which it was ordered. It is possible that medication once used for physical and mental need is now used for physical and mental maintenance. Meaning, a physical or mental chemical dependency can develop in association to some prescription medications. Those prescribed may find that though they no longer are in need of said medication medically, it is physically and mentally a challenge to abstain from the medication due the body and minds desire for the it.
Prescription drug abuse may also include taking medication not order to the one consuming it, selling prescribed medications to those it is not prescribed to, buying prescription medication not prescribed to the person, or consuming the medication in contradiction to the written order for the prescription medication. The prescription drugs most often abused include painkillers, sedatives, anti-anxiety medications, and stimulants.
Once again, as technology advances, the ways in which to acquire medication advances as well. Online pharmacies advertise controlled substances for a fraction of the American consumer’s price, and anyone with desperation, ingenuity, and the ability to type can order online. Online pharmacies make getting prescription drugs easy, much easier than buying medication from the streets.
According to Smith...

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