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Managing and Motivating Teams
MGT 534
Professor: William Cavalco
Learning Session 1
April 19, 2012

Team Experience Paper
Shameka D. Carter

Belonging to a team in the broader sense is the result of feeling something larger than you. It has a lot to do with your understanding of the mission or the objectives of your organization. Even if you have a specific job function or belong to a specific department, you need to be unified with other members of the organization in order to make a meaningful contribution to its overall success. Teamwork was a part of my undergraduate degree and I consider myself to be a strong team player ...view middle of the document...

While team players are supposed to be working in harmony, it is a fact that they can have issues with other team members who are their colleagues. If you have or have had issues with another team member it is best to tell the truth to the employer or instructor and also explain the situation honestly. I have had an issue with a peer and I would agree it is common however; I have always endeavored to solve the problem without the repercussions coming up, or even other team members getting involved. I always believe that conversation is the best way to solve any issues, and I have always had dialogues with any peer who has had an issue with me. I consider his or her point of view and the project goals before I take the conversation ahead.
Aside from that I encourage the team and organize social events to create opportunity for the team to get to know each other beyond the work environment. In the group project I was dedicated to giving of myself and doing what needed to be done, I had to respect that my timeline was not necessarily their timeline and I had to be cooperative if I expected cooperation in return because teamwork requires trust, respect, collaboration, and continual learning. (Scholtes,Joiner,Streibel,2010)
Team viability is defined as team members’ satisfaction and continued willingness to contribute. (Kreitner, Kinicki, 2010) In other words are the team members better or worse off for having contributed to the team effort? A work team is not truly effective if it gets the job done but self-destructs in the process and burns everyone out. Work teams require a team-friendly organization if they are to be effective. Work teams need a support system, they have a much greater chance of success if they are nurtured and facilitated by the organization. The team’s purpose needs to be in concert with the organizations strategy similarly, team participation and autonomy require an organizational culture that values those processes. (Kreitner, Kinicki, 2010)
In my previous as well as current job I have had the opportunity to work in a team on an impromptu basis, as well as provide value and support to the product that is being developed by the team. I’ve also worked in a team of 10 other administrative employees and the end of the month was always the busiest. One of my colleagues needed to complete a report and also finish the routine work. I helped my colleague by distributing the rest of her work load amongst the rest of the team. As a team we were able to achieve our service level and that particular colleague was able to complete the report timely.
A team leader is basically the leader whom the other members of the team look up to or sometimes report to. So as to be the one who would lead effectively the team projects and ensure that the team moves smoothly and progresses. Moreover; a team leader has several responsibilities other than just their core abilities to churn out work. One of the most important...

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