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LEARNING TEAM____B_____ Assignment _____Week 5 PP______________________ Week____5_____

Using the scale below, individually rate each member of your learning team, including yourself (please use the Collaboration Guide on the next page for a more detailed description of each category).
4 = Excellent 3 = Good 2 = Fair 1 = Poor 0 = None

Learning Team Evaluation Form | TeamInvolvement (Active and substantively involved in the team discussion) | TimeManagement (Supported team timeline) | Establishing and Following Guidelines
(Helped to define and adhere to the goals, roles, and responsibilities of the team) | ProfessionalCommunication (Communicated clearly and professionally) ...view middle of the document...

1) Based on the contributions and collaboration for this assignment, should all team members get the same grade? If not, who should get a different grade (higher or lower) and why? 2) What value you did you add to the completed product? How does that compare to your teammates? 3) What can you, personally, do to improve future team collaborations? |
| *Please review the Learning Team Collaboration Guide on the next page for a description of the expectations for each category. |

Learning Team Collaboration Guide |
| TeamInvolvement | TimeManagement | Establishing and Following Guidelines | ProfessionalCommunication |
Excellent (4) | Active and substantive involvement in team discussions. | Supported team timeline and met the assignment due date. | Took the lead on establishing and following the goals, roles, and responsibilities of the team. | Interacted with other members of the team with a respectful and professional tone. Communication was clear with no typographical or grammatical errors. |
Good (3) | Good overall substantive involvement in team discussion. | Supported a majority of the team timeline and met the...

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