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Team Dynamics And Conflict Resolution In Work Teams

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Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolution in Work Teams
February 16, 2009

Team dynamics is characterized by continuous change, activity, and progress. Our team will consist of this because we are motivated to be extremely successful. The skills we possess will effectively promote us to a strong commitment and performance for our class. In our class, we are actively forming a team to reach individual and team goals, so we can accelerate to virtue. We have a mission to accomplish in this five week session and we are trying to gather all our strengths and characteristics to obtain a high grade in this class. We all have the same goals and that is to obtain our bachelor’s degree ...view middle of the document...

There must be a great leader to guide them and help fulfill the needs they are reaching for. Teams should also have persistency in whatever their tasks are and stay at a pace that will enable them to feel a control over things. They should not feel overwhelmed because this will deter them of future endeavors to come. Everyone should have a specific duty to live by and they should all come to an agreement to who is good at what. When this has been achieved, they will reap the benefits of a successful team (Wadsworth, 2009).
Cooperation is another characteristic that will provide excellence within a team. If no one is being conducive in the team, then they can be bound for failure. This is very detrimental for everyone involved in a group, if one of the individuals doesn’t abide by the rules. However, if this dynamic is followed by all, it should be a smooth sailor and very beneficial. We believe the key team dynamics in a group of people are mainly: performance, positive attitudes and commitment. These should break down the barriers for failure and bring upon a magnificent team (Wadsworth, 2009).
Conflict is any situation in which there are incompatible goals, cognitions, or emotions within or between individuals or groups that lead to opposition or antagonistic interaction. Most people don’t like conflict and try to avoid it at all costs. However, conflict is inevitable when dealing with groups of people. Normally when a group of people get together conflict is a given because conflict is a part of organizational life. Usually conflict arises when people within a group have different perceptions, goals; their own way of doing things that may conflict with the objective of others (Wadsworth, 2009).
Conflicts that may arise in a team setting are expectation, time management, commitment, miscommunication, leadership, cooperation and motivation, which can cause a team to not be successful at achieving their goal. For instance, if a person is always late productivity will go down because they are not there to pull their weight or if someone’s schedule conflicts with the team schedule the slack will have to be picked up by another team member; this creates more work and stress within the team (Wadsworth, 2009).
Conflict management is learning how to settle disagreements peacefully instead of fussing or fighting. In order to solve a problem you must first recognize the conflict and talk out the problem to come to some kind of mutual agreement to work out the conflict. In some cases people can use conflict resolution, which means resolving the problem, eliminating the conflict. However, that is not always possible. Sometimes you cannot just eliminate the problem; therefore you have to manage the conflict so production will not come to a stop (Wadsworth, 2009).
In my research I have learned there are two types of conflict, positive and negative. Positive conflict is...

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