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Team Dynamics Essay

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Team Dynamics

Teams is a group of two or more people who exist to fulfill a purpose and are interdependent or interact and influence each other, mutually accountable for achieving common goals, and perceive themselves as a social entity. Teams are groups, but groups are not the same as teams. Teams have task interdependence and some groups are just people gathered together. One example of a team is orchestra playing together at practice. They each have a specific role or musical piece they play, but the common task is getting the final musical piece mastered.

Thus, who makes up teams and what type of teams are there. Many variations of teams exist such as, departmental teams, ...view middle of the document...

Swimming as a sport started with a few people who had a common interest in swimming; then grew into a team of highly specialized athletes with the common goal of winning the Olympics swim meet. The next reason for informal groups to exist is for social identity. People thrive on social interaction and define themselves by group memberships. Goal accomplishment is another reason; it may be easier or more practical to accomplish a goal with the help of one or more people. A good example of this is the relay races in the Olympics. The very foundation of the sport is built on the accomplishment of a common goal by a team. The last reason for informal groups to exist is for emotional support. The emotional support from a person who understands the trials or tribulations of a certain task or goal will lend more emotional support than a person who has not been through the same trial or tried to accomplish the same goal.

Hospitals are now employing this very technique with smokers. Hospitals are offering support groups to help with the urges while quitting smoking and to lend emotional support for that individual as well as offer new ideas to approach the quitting of smoking.

I am now going to explain how the teams come together to accomplish a common goal or task however; while doing this am also going to explain the roles of the individual members. The roles of teams are based on the type of team and the goal of the team. For example on a baseball team each member may have very specific roles such as, the catcher, pitcher, or the short stop. However, Jeremy Pardini (personal communication, August 24, 2008) in a hospital infection-control team they have a specific leader assigned and several infection-control representatives who may have assistants. The main goal for this team is to monitor the spread of infectious diseases throughout the hospital or throughout the ward, or other departments of the hospital.

Essentially the tasks and characteristics are the same in any group or team. The characteristics include clear and precise instructions and implementation. They should share common receptive information, processes, or outcomes and are interdependent. Team size does play a role as well in the outcome of goals. Smaller teams are better, they provide an intimate setting and more specific tasks, but the team size should be large enough to complete the task. The teams’ effectiveness is also important. Team effectiveness is demonstrated by completing tasks assigned to team, fulfilling satisfaction and the well being of team members. Several team effectiveness models out available.

Levels of task interdependence are categorized into three levels. The levels rank from high to low. On the low end of the task level is the pooled task. Next rank up is the sequential task. Last, there is the Reciprocal task. I will let you investigate that further as well. Team composition consists of the motivation to perform the task, competency of skills...

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