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Team Collaborative Outlines

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Team Collaborative Outline
SPCH 277
May, 31 2014

I. In a business environment, clear and professional communication is extremely important.
A. As a manager, you will have to have the interpersonal skills required to lead the team. As a salesman, you will often need to give presentations, or at least lead a conversation.
B. By understanding and using clear speech habits and open communication, we can grasp the audience’s attention and be assured that our messages to each other and our clients are clear.
II. Three major elements make-up good communication/speech.
A. Credibility– This is what makes you the expert and part of what compels the client to trust you, believability. This also applies in an internal company setting, such as in the managerial role. Credibility and Authority are major factors in the leadership role.
B. Language– Vocabulary is more important than acknowledged. By ...view middle of the document...

You can’t expect to just walk up, give the facts in a boring, clinical fashion, and walk away thinking they’ll remember any of them.
I. Credibility
A. Speaker credibility influences how audience feels about the speaker.
1. Credibility is a highly important factor in determining speakers’ effectiveness.
2. The speakers’ credibility influences the listener's ability to learn and to believe.
B. Building credibility
1. Plan your deliberation, practice your delivery, and express the speech with confidence.
2. Credibility is established in four ways listed below:
a. Ensure the facts are correct.
b. Verbally cite expert sources.
c. Verbally cite personal subject knowledge.
d. Demonstrate expertise.
C. Credibility has three primary characteristics (the three C’s):
1. Competence is the quality of being an expert and being intelligent.
2. Character is the quality of being honest, trustworthy, and showing goodwill.
3. Charisma is the quality of being assertive, confident, and enthusiastic.
II. Language
1. Ensure that the language is used correctly.
2. Present error-free written materials.
3. Ensure that typographical errors are eliminated.
III. Connection
1. Establish common ground.
2. Connect with the audience on a personal level.
3. Connect the audience to the topic.
4. Connect yourself to the topic.

I. Proper communication will ensure that you capture the audience’s attention. This is apprehended by how well your message is well received, not only by their comprehension, but by the audience’s adjurations to be open-minded about what you have to say and their ability to convey your message.
1. Credibility allows the audience to trust you as an authority on the subject, and it allows the audience to have believability in the message.
2. Language will allow you to deliver the message while maintaining credibility.
3. Connection will help the listeners become open-minded to what you have to say, and builds their interest in the subject.
II. By knowing the three major elements of communication, you will have the confidence and competence to impress anyone with what you have to say.

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