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Team Charter Example Essay

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|Course Title | LAW/531 – Business Law | |All team members participated in the creation of |
| | | |this charter and agree with its contents ( (Please|
| | | |check) |
|Instructor |MICHAEL T. MILLAR, JD | | |
|Course Dates | 06/29/10 – ...view middle of the document...

com |
|Kevin Talley | |(301) 801-3587 | | | | |
|Heather Voigt | |(217) 220-0066 | | | | |

Team Member Skill Inventory

(Areas individual members can contribute/want to develop)
Jennifer Hall: Good organization skills, prompt, team player, and open minded.
Aleen Lien: Detail oriented analytical person with strengths in researching, proficiency in MS suite, APA, and putting papers together.
Sharona Porterfield: Very organized and detail oriented, I work in a precedence format prioritizing everything to meet timeline goals. Great with presentation setup. Love reading and research and good with numbers.
Rolando Rodriguez: I’ve been in the military 27 years. I am a strong organizer, leader, highly professional. I’m well rounded and versed in all aspects of presentations, very team oriented. I have a BA in Education; my military background is in Engineering, Logistics and Strategic Communications.
Caroline Stockbridge: Articulate, attention to detail oriented, amateur writer, extremely computer literate in all MS Office Suite programs, APA hound.
Kevin Talley: Writing skills, leadership skills, organized, the ability to multi-task.
Heather Voigt: Writing, Editing.

Learning Team Goals

(May include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals, etc.)

Jennifer Hall: To work together to complete the task at hand. To submit quality work on-time. To share and learn from each other’s experiences and offer our individual expertise.
Aleen Lien: Complete assignments on time, thoroughly, and accurately with everyone’s participation.
Sharona Porterfield: Work with my team cohesively to produce quality, efficient, effort reflecting work. I would like our team to produce the best possible work using the strengths of each team member.
Rolando Rodriguez: To successfully pass this course as a team, taking advantage of our strengths and lessen our weaknesses by expanding our knowledge base, and enhancing our skills to minimize our weaknesses.
Caroline Stockbridge: Turn in all assignments on time, turn in quality work – 110%, and work together as a team with each member contributing to the best of his or her ability with NO plagiarism.
Kevin Talley: To work as a team in order to gain the best possible learning experience.
Heather Voigt: To learn from teammates while using the creativity, skills, and strengths of all team members to complete a successful project.

What are potential barriers to the achievement of these goals?

Jennifer Hall: Potential barriers include time zones, work schedules, family obligations, miscommunication, and stress.
Aleen Lien: Varying Schedules, different expectations, different...

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