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Team Chart Analysis

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Analysis of Team Charter

Week three collaboration between team C members resulted in interesting similarities and difference between team members in reference to personality types, listening skills, and trust level. Post the self assessment offered by Prentice Hall through the University of Phoenix; each team member got a better understanding of his / her team member strength and weaknesses, knowing that based on the self assessment there are no such “right” answer and neither extreme better than the other.
The personality different types for team C can be summarized as follows:
1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx = ENFJ
2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz = ENTJ
3. eeeeeeeeeee = ENTJ
4. ...view middle of the document...

I know you probably saying why we would work with xxxx if he does not trust anyone. The score had put the team members on notices especially me (xxx) score until the point was clarified and started to gain the trust of others. The result of having scored 4 showed my team members that the trust part of working together carry a red flag. I had to earn the trust of my team members and be clear about the situation by letting all know why I based my assessment on business not personal. They all agree with me, should I have based y assessment on personal and family matters my trust result would have similar to the group. All other team members also feel that trust have to be earned and not given. I all reality, I had to make sure my other team members trust me based on my busy work schedule that I do not let them down. It is a great feeling that I have three trusting team members, and message was to assure all of them that I would not be a Free-rider and they can count on my support. After...

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