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Team Building Essay

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|Communications Notification Form* |
|Once your team makes a decision, you need to communicate it to those responsible for implementing it and to everyone affected by it. Use this form to: |
|Document the decision making process. |
|Consider the impact of the ...view middle of the document...

Describe the issue or circumstances that required a decision. Think about this from your stakeholders’ perspective. |
|The issue that needed to be addressed and resolved is that the internal manufacturing process of our product is slower than expected which results in the delivery |
|of our product to be late. Competitor companies are producing and delivery products faster by outsourcing the manufacturing process. Our decision-making committee |
|needed to decide whether it would be more effective and efficient to outsource production. As a group everyone decided housing instead of outsourcing. With |
|outsourcing as a group we took consideration of how many jobs would be lost. One disadvantage of outsourcing is payroll. The organization must have control over |
|payroll, as changes in payroll would go through the organization service provider. There would be a problem of the organization having less flexibility in how |
|payroll is produced and what reports are generated. So as a team we had to consider employees getting paid without confusion. |
|2. List objectives, or desired outcomes, in making the decision. |
|- Understand the current manufacturing process and why it is inefficient. We will do this by monitoring production and by gathering and analyzing data. |
|- Develop possible solutions that could improve our internal manufacturing process. |
|- Compare the cost of internal manufacturing versus the cost of outsourcing and determine which process is more beneficial. We will consider any costs that may |
|result from improvements made to the internal manufacturing process. |
|- Compare the number of resources used with internal manufacturing versus the number of resources used with outsourcing. |
|- Consider the number of jobs lost with outsourcing production and the effect that may have on the company’s reputation. |
|- Compare the amount of time necessary to complete a cycle within either manufacturing process. |
|- Increase the rate at which items are shipped and delivered to customers. |
|- Make our final decision by considering all data and information and which manufacturing process would be most efficient, effective, and beneficial to our company|
|as a whole. ...

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