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Teaching Styles And Technology Essay

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Ashley Hunter
Eng. 1102
1 November 2012
Technology and Teaching Styles
The concept of the newer technology is to improve the work done in classrooms and to give you a faster and more efficient way to research information without putting in that much work while still putting in your own ideas and thoughts. Today’s society use technology to handicap them, even in the classroom today. My question is will the different type of teaching styles used with or without technology affect students today? I believe yes, because technology is already making students lazy with just simply listening to music, doing research and other assignments done on the computer, and incorporating ...view middle of the document...

With such small numbers in class the teachers were able to work directly with the students using the direct method that was developed around the same time (par.3). The direct method is a teaching style that uses visuals, vocabulary words, memorization, and question and answering. The direct method is fast teaching style that was not effective. This method was not effective because the material was getting learned for just that short period of time until more material was covered or the old material was tested on (Harris).
Technology today has come a very long way; the first programmable computer was created in 1936 by Konrad Zuse in his parent’s living room (par.5). After the first programmable computer was created technology began to improve year after year improving the programs or just making them work efficient. While technology was improving, children were sitting in the classroom learning how to read and write without using technology. Technology didn’t really get into the classroom environment until the early 1950s and then it was just televisions (Murdock). Little after that the baby boom begins which tremendously increases the classroom sizes. Schools begin to over crowd while the dropout rate continues to rapidly decline to zero. The National Defense Education act was passed 1958 the act brought new money and technology to primarily vocational schools (Murdock). The National Defense Act provides funds to state education for improving the teaching of science, mathematics, and “modern foreign languages” (Kosar). After this act was passed, not many schools accepted the change, and teachers were still delivering the information verbally. After this act was passed technology in the classrooms began to increase and started to become more efficient and quicker to use because of the program updates on the computers, and newer devices that would do most of the work a teacher would have to do (Murdock).
In 1965, congress passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which brought more money into the school (Murdock). The Elementary and Secondary Education Act emphasizes equal education in other words no child left behind (Rural). With this money, the schools bought mainframes and minicomputers but only for administrative purposes. Two years later, Fortran (a vocational training program) was put in use at universities for students to learn on a ‘more advanced’ level (Murdock). Later after the top Apple computers were donated to schools in 1975 were refuse to be consider.
Years have went on and teachers were still refusing the new change but with all the acts that were passed to bring more money to schools brought more and newer technology to the classroom, teachers had no choice but to accepted it and involve it in there every day teaching plans. Teachers began to come more acquainted with the technology incorporating them in their lesson plan, using projectors to display images, slideshows presentations,...

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