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Today there are many important jobs. Teaching special needs although tough is very rewarding. Early childhood is very crucial. It allows children the opportunity to step out in life on the right foot. It allows them to be able to learn all they need to know while growing from infant/toddler into being preschoolers and even kindergartners. Teachers have such a great role in a child's life. There are a few stages of the role a teacher plays in a child's life. My teacher, My care taker. My teacher, my friend. My teacher my, knowledge bank. The last stage is my teacher, my inspiration.
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All states require that you be licensed which means that a bachelors degree and special training is needed. In order to get a bachelors degree in special needs most colleges have a 5 year program that must be complete. This includes general and specialized courses, graduate level preparation, educational psychology, legal issues of special education, child growth and development, and strategies for teaching students with disabilities. The last year(out of the 5) is usually spent student teaching in a classroom. Special needs teachers must be very patient with there students, able to motivate the students in a positive way, understand and except the child for there disability, and also accepting in the difference of there students compared to typical children. Teachers must learn to become creative and find ways to help there students who have difficulty learning like normal children do. The two big things teachers must learn are communication and cooperation. This is crucial because special needs teachers spend a great amount of time interacting with others such as; the students, parents, other teachers, and school faculty.
So there is one big question a lot of people ask and that is: “What makes a good teacher”. A good teacher is always patient, loving, kind, and understanding. Also a teacher always is careful when choosing the teaching program and always adjusts depending on the needs of each student. No matter what the children always comes first, this is very important to remember. Never put your own needs in front of a child's needs. Leave your person...

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