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Teaching Methods Of Translation Toward English Major Students

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Teaching Methods of Translation toward English Major Students

Xiyue Bai
Foreign Language Department
Northwest University

Based on modern educational theories and the foundation of the combination of task-based teaching approach and cooperative learning, this paper focuses on converse thinking mode and open teaching method in teaching translation course. The reversed thinking mode would help to avoid the phenomenon of theory disengages practice and it stresses practicalness. The application of open teaching method will also be discussed in the case of teaching fundamental translation course. Open translation teaching method ...view middle of the document...

The most common way of teaching translation is still teacher instructs first then students reflect. For example, teacher corrects mistakes after students translating one piece of article or some sentences, and then the model translation would be provided with teacher’s comments. This way contains not only rationalities but also limitations. It helps students to finish translation individually. However, it is obvious that students’ translations are hard to go beyond themselves because they are lack of theoretical basis and translational skills before the model translation comes up. The standard model would also drag learner’s confidence down and kill students’ creativity. In addition, translation materials are chosen by teacher, which leads students’ passive learning attitude and results in necessary communications and discussions would be hard to achieve between students and teacher.
According to the analysis to current situation this article would talk about further research in this field in order to provide more thinkings on translation teaching method.
II. Reversed Thinking
Translation course is an important basic course in university professional foreign language education, and it is also the stiff index to test students’ synthetic application abilities of languages. The goals of the course are to help students to build the ability to receive and express bilingual information and their proper philosophy of translation. In order to educate students to meet the requirements of future job in the society and become comparatively applied qualified translators, translation courses should improve students’ bilingual ability; expand students’ scope of knowledge and the understanding of characteristics of multiple cultures. To master translation theories and skills are necessary, as well as written translation ability. From the angle of teaching, enough contents and time with effective instructions would lead to best effect. With clear goals, a better teaching method seems valuable, and it starts with an effective thinking for teaching.
Some people consider the cognitive process from theory to practice and back to theory again and then finally reflects to practice; while some others think it reversely, practice to theory, reflects on practice then comes up with a theory. Actually the two ways can not be separated. Theory to practice is the way of deduction in teaching, which is a consequent process; while it would be a reversed process when people sum up a theory from previous experiences, which makes an induction in teaching. In the case of teaching translation courses, theory to practice means introduce translation theories to students first, and then analysis examples to prove the theories are correct. It will leave students a deep impression in this way. However, the defect of the failure of applying theory into practice reflects from students’ tasks. They only follow their minds and care just a little about the theories. A...

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