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Teaching For Exceptionalities Essay

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Lesson Plan
Dollar and Cents
* Students will be able to identify coin/money values.
* Students will be able to write amounts of money.
* Clean sheet of money
* Pencil
* Play Money
* Money Worksheet 1
1. Watch a lesson on money on “Brain Pop”.
2. Ask how many of them think they can count money really well, and how many think they could improve with some practice.
3. State objective: We're going to be working on money this week and today you will learn how to count money.
A. Teach:
1. When it comes to counting money, bills are probably the easiest things to count. Why? (They have the ...view middle of the document...

You want to buy a bag of chips for $1.25. You have 3 quarters, 5 dimes, and 3 pennies. Do you have enough? (Yes, $1.28 )
7. You have five coins. They add up to $.66 which coins do you have? (2 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel and 1 penny).
IV. Closure:
1. Discuss importance of knowing money values by referring back to the video on money.
2. Preview next lesson: Tomorrow we're going to learn how to use money.
. Evaluation/Checking for Understanding
1. Listen for student responses during whole-class questioning.
2. Have student’s record answers to process questions on paper. Check answers.
3. Use “Money Worksheet 1” to determine students understanding of the lesson.

Accommodation/Lesson Plan

Target Student:
Age: 7
Grade Level: 2nd grade
Area of academic strength: Reading – student showed fluency but lack of comprehension.

Area of academic weakness: Math – student showed a weakness for learning basic math skills.

Student Preferred modalities of learning: Visual and Kinesthetic
Personal Observation of Student: Student has the potential to learn and be a productive student, but due to his low attention span and short term memory, extra attention needs to be given to the student to make sure that he is successful.
Lesson Description
Give the student a solid understanding of money with a hand on lesson and game using play money.
Learning Objectives
1. Understand the value of coins.
2. Learn to count and write values up to $1.00.
1. Sheet of paper
2. Pencil
3. Play money
4. Coin value chart
5. Money Worksheet 1


1. Re-watch the lesson on money on “Brain Pop”.
2. Ask the student if he could improve his money counting skills with practice.


1. Provide a visual coin chart to help determine the value of the coin.
2. Use play money as a manipulative to tell the coins apart.

1. Review and drill on how to count money.
Guided Practice:

1. Give the student a bag of play money.
2. Demonstrate how to count how much change is in the bag.
3. Let the student count the change on his own and give him two choices to select the right answer.

Process Questions--
1. How much is 1 quarter, 2 dime, and 4 pennies? ($0.49)
2. How much is 3 quarters, and 1 penny? ($0.76.)
IV. Closure:

1. Discuss importance of knowing money values by referring back to the video on money.
2. Continue review and drill on money/coin value concept on tomorrow.

Evaluation/Checking for Understanding

1. Give student extended time to complete worksheet for evaluation.
2. Decrease the number of problems on the “Money Worksheet 1” to determine the student understanding of the lesson. (Do even problems only).

Rationale for Evaluation

The learning disability of the student required a decrease in the number of problems the student did for an assessment grade. Student displayed low attention span and short term memory on...

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