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Teaching Environment Influences Essay

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Teaching Environment Influences
Heather Buchanan Cabral
Grand Canyon University: EDU 536
November 21, 2012

Teaching Environment Influences

There are a variety of things on any given day that can create a distraction or interruption to the teaching and learning experience of a classroom. In the Win-Win Discipline approach they broke disruptive behaviors into four areas aggression, breaking rules, confrontations, and disengagement (Charles and Senter). Behavior is not the only factor in distractions in a classroom there can also be classroom conditions that affect the classroom. Reflecting on my own experience and that of other teachers there were ten things that seemed to be ...view middle of the document...

With this behavior the Real Discipline would provide the most effective results because the student would not be given a choice to comply it would be mandatory. The next behavior was arguing either with other students or the teacher. In this instance, the Real discipline would be the best choice due to a relationship between student and teacher would already be established and the policy of no negotiations would prevent excessive arguing within the class because students would already know that the teacher is the authority. The Win-Win and Pragmatic classroom approach would also be successful, but these approaches leave room for the students to have a say express their opinion and seem to have reduced level of consequences. Another disruptive behavior would be name calling or putting others down. The best discipline plan for this behavior would be Win-Win because the students would have already set up the expectations and would want to keep the classroom dynamic that they as students had helped establish and the consequences would be to make an apology and to work through the root of the behavior to prevent further issues. This approach would only be possible if there was already an aspect of respect and trust established with the teacher and others in the class. The Pragmatic Classroom approach would have practiced and establish the correct ways to respond and to behave in situations reducing the occurrence of such situations. If this situation did occur there is not a concrete consequence that is going to detour from the situation. Another behavior that is difficult to avoid within the classroom is that of complaining. Students will complain about the work, other students, not feeling well, etc. This can cause others to feel uncomfortable or follow suit with the complaining. I have personally encountered a student asking to go to the office and next thing I know three or four more students want to go because they are not feeling well or need something. With Real discipline there would be an established relationship that would help prevent the complaining as the teacher makes it clear of his or her role and expectations for the classroom. The students would also be observed to see why they are showing that behavior and help the student obtain the life skills to move away from disruptive behavior. So through observation a teacher will know that the student has a legitimate need or if they are trying to gain attention or just not wanting to participate at that moment. With Win-Win and Pragmatic classroom the students would not have the same type of strong reaction as the students’ and teachers’ relationship is more personable. At times a more personable relationship without the clear boundaries of authority can leave the students comfortable enough to complain. Another distraction for the learning environment is fighting whether it be pushing, hitting, biting, etc. It has the ability to stop a classes’ momentum. The fight...

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