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Teaching Case Assignment: The Case Of Cassie Brown

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Nicole Reyes Reyes1
Professor Peggy Ingram
EDUU 512
12 March 2013

Teaching Case Assignment: “The Case of Cassie Brown”

The assigned teaching case is based on a female, African American high school student by the name of Cassie Brown. Cassie is a senior at Jefferson High School right before the turning of the new millennium. The story takes place not far from a very poor inner city. Cassie has found that after many years of wanting to become a mathematics teacher, she is now questioning her dream. The reason Cassie has become uncertain of her goal is from an encounter she had with her mathematics teacher, Mr. Tempe. Cassie was unable to understand how to solve a calculus ...view middle of the document...

It is evident from the explanation above that Cassie has become very disturbed by the fact that Mr. Tempe has asked her to reconsider everything she has worked so hard to achieve. From her standpoint, he has failed in his duty to motivate and encourage her towards her goals. Cassie believes Mr. Tempe owes her an apology for his behavior and deeply wants him to understand how his words have affected her. From Mr. Tempe’s perspective however, his behavior might have been the attempt to protect Cassie from failure. His understanding of the challenges that Cassie might be faced with could have provided a motive for his actions.
In order to resolve the issues between herself and Mr. Tempe, Cassie first went to meet with her school counselor. While speaking with Cassie, the school counselor tried to remain very diplomatic in her response, suggesting to Cassie that Mr. Tempe’s actions could have been made with her best interest in mind. The school counselor suggested setting up a meeting between Cassie, herself, and Mr. Tempe. The purpose of this meeting would be to hear Mr. Tempe’s side of the story and to clear up any misunderstandings that might have occurred. This is the necessary first step in resolving any type of issue, this is not however a solution to the case. Suggestions should have been made to Cassie in order to assure that a resolution would take place.
The TPE’s which this case address are TPE 1: “Specific pedagogical skills for subject matter instruction.” This TPE fits the case because it suggests that Mr. Tempe has the responsibility to help Cassie understand how to solve the calculus problem that she has been struggling with. This brings to focus TPE2: “Monitoring student learning during instruction.” Cassie made reference to the fact that up until this point, she has never had any issues in her math classes. In fact she was in the “top track” both in middle and high school. Based on TPE2, Mr. Tempe’s assessment of Cassie’s understanding of the subject matter was not concurrent with her abilities as a student.
This case also addresses TPE 6: “Developmentally appropriate teaching practices.” In this particular instance, Mr. Tempe has an obligation to support Cassie in her studies. Also falling under this expectation is understanding students...

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