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Teaching Assistant Level 3 Understanding Legislation

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a) I will now explain the major points relating to legislation and procedures/confidentiality/data protection and disclosure of information. The purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 is the safeguarding information and use only for the reasons for which it was gathered. The information should not be used even if you think it won't be harmful to anyone. Schools ask for large amounts of information about pupils from their parents or carers but may only asked for relevant information such as: health or medical information, prior school records or documents for children with SEN. if any of this information needs to be shared, it must be authorised by children's parents in writing or signature. ...view middle of the document...

b) Confidentiality as many problems surrounding it which can be a hard subject to comprehend. Schools should have confidentiality policies that show clearly to parents, children and staff the limitations of confidentiality and the procedures in place for using and sharing sensitive information. The boundaries of confidentiality need to be shared with children and young people as sometimes they tell staff more about themselves and their own families. They will then be able to make the right decision is about what data to share. That information is collected it is important to say why this is being done. The person whose information is gathered must also be told that the data will only be used for the reason it was accumulated. Should parents need assurance that their information will remain secure, they ought to be informed to refer to the confidentiality policy firstly, and be made aware that it is implicitly wrong to use the data for other purposes. Schools should make parents aware of their rights concerning confidentiality which will give them confidence and power and is also a good method of promoting beneficial practice. So consent is still required if outside professionals require information about older children. His parents noticed that sensitive data about their child is used in another way, they will take action. In certain circumstances, private information my have to be shared i.e. If a child has certain medical conditions, this must be shared with staff as a safety precaution for the child. The confidentiality policy will need to have the required actions to take should this ever happen. It is not always possible to have complete confidentiality at school. Complete means that this information must be kept absolutely private at all times. However information must be divulged about parents and children is the child is potentially going to be mistreated or abused. Schools sometimes have legal authority to give out such information. In this event, the person whom the information is about must be told with whom it has been shared, the reasons for the disclosure and the procedures used.
c) Under certain circumstances, it will be necessary to share information with people 'outside' the school such as independent professionals, the Police, parents, social services or...

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