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Teaching Assistant Essay

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11 January 2010

Global Sukuk Market

Global Sukuk Update
The sukuk market was not spared from the effect of the global financial crisis. After expanding robustly in 2007 (by 90% yoy by total value of sukuk issued), the sukuk market experienced a marked slowdown in 2008 and 1H09 due to the following reasons: • • • Challenging market conditions and drying up of liquidity Wide credit spreads and shortages of USD funding in issuing countries Challenging economic environment in the GCC countries, particularly in the UAE

Nevertheless, as the overall market conditions improved, the primary sukuk market rebounded in 2H09. Third quarter issuance was up by 162.5% yoy and 61.9% qoq to ...view middle of the document...

9%). Ringgit denominated papers dominated the primary sukuk market 48.5% of total issuances in 4Q09. This was followed closely by USD denominated sukuk issuance at 35.2%. Global Sukuk Issued by Sector (4Q09)
Agriculture 8% Financial services 9% Pow er & utilities 10% Sovereigns 59% Other 2%

Global Sukuk Issued by Currency (4Q09)
BND 1.2% BHD SGD 1.1% 0.4% GMD 0.1%

SAR 2.4% IDR 2.7% AED 8.4%

MYR 48.5%

Leisure & tourism 12%
Source: Zawya, IFIS, Bloomberg, KFHR

USD 35.2%

The largest sukuk in terms of value in 4Q09 was by Dubai DOF Sukuk at USD1,250mln, TDIC Sukuk at USD1,000mln, Pengurusan Aset Air IMTN Sukuk at USD740mln equivalent, Dubai DOF Sukuk at USD680mln equivalent and GE Capital Sukuk at USD500mln. For 2009, total global sukuk issued amounted to USD24.6bln, 60.1% yoy higher than the USD15.3bln raised in 2008. For 2010, we project global sukuk issuance to potentially come in at a whopping USD50bln, characterised by the following: • • • • 2010 sukuk market will be driven by the recovery in global economic activities, low interest rates, continued sovereign fund raising to support economic growth as well as revival of private sector projects We expect more sovereign issuers in 2010, which include potential debuts from Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Kazakhstan and Russia Sovereign sukuk issuances in 2H09 are expected to help to revive the global sukuk market as they provide the necessary benchmark pricing for the private sector to gauge investor appetite in 2010 We also expect increased participation from conventional investors. For instance, the UAE’s Ras Al Khaimah’s 5-year USD400mln sukuk issued in 2009 was distributed to the Middle East (47%), Asia (34%) and Europe (19%).


Global Sukuk Update

Global Sukuk Issuance Trend (2000-2010F)
60000 50000 USD mln

Global Sukuk Outstanding (2001-2010F)
100 80 USD bln 60 40 20 0

40000 30000 20000 10000 0 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010F





Source: Zawya, IFIS, Bloomberg, KFHR

GCC Planned/ Under Construction Infrastructure Projects (2008-2013F)

Asia’s Infrastructure Investment % of GDP

Source: Zawya, KFHR

Long-term prospects for the sukuk market are expected to remain strong, given increasing popularity of Shariahcompliant products, the governments’ support for Islamic finance, huge investment and financing requirement in the GCC and Asia, and issuers’ desire to tap investors from the Middle East and Muslim Asia. In addition, Islamic bonds are still far superior as compared to conventional binds, underpinned by the following factors: • Fairness and transparency. The financier and customer share the risks and rewards based on an agreed profit-sharing ratio. The roles and responsibilities of the parties to a contract are also explicitly disclosed and transparent. Asset-backed transactions. Islamic financial transactions must be backed by an underlying tangible asset or legitimate productive activity. This discourages...

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