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Teaching Assisant Diploma Course Assignment 2

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Explain the five broad social and emotional aspects of learning ?

The five broad social and emotional aspects of learning are
1. Self awareness-this enables pupils to have understanding of themselves, they learn how to relate to others and learn.
When a pupil has self awareness they know the following things, how to feel good about things they do, the know they have
done well especially when its something they found hard to achieve,they recognise when they are overwhelmed by feelings,
when and how they learn most effectively, take responsibility for their action. they use understanding to oragnise
themselves and plan their learning.
2.Manage feelings- pupils use a range of ...view middle of the document...

4.Empathy-being able to empathise involves understanding others anticipating and predicting their likely thoughts feelings
and perceptions. When a pupil develops empathy they, can recognise the feelings of others, know that all people have
feelings but understand that they might experience and show their feelings in different ways, can understand another
persons point of view and understand how they might be feeling, value and respect the thoughts, feelings,beliefs and
values of other people, can be supportive to others and try to help them when they want it and know that their actions
affect others and can make them feel better or worse.
5.Social Skills-this enables pupils to relate to others,take an active part in a group. this skill enables a pupil to
feel that they belong to and are valued in a class, school and community, know how to be friendly, make sustain and break
friendships without hurting others,understand what helps a group work well together, be assertive when appropriate,
resolve conflicts to ensure that everyone feels positive about the same outcome, solve problems by thinking of all the
options, identifying advantages and disadvantages, choosing a solution and evaluating it later on.

Describe 5 appropriate methods that helps pupils recognise and express emotions
An Environment where social emotional and behavioural skills are seen as important and where pupils can practice these skills
creates a caring place based on valuing of individual difference and on empathy.Programmes for teaching and learning social,
emotional skills that help pupils recognise and express emotions are: 1, to ensure learning opportunities are participative,
experiental and empowering,2,use active methods,3, use a positive approach, 4,use whole-class meetings and circle time this
gives the skills the ability to recap and reflect back on what a child has said and to respond pro-actively to negative behaviour
,5,provide learning opportunities which make social,emotional and behavioural skills their focus.

discuss how you would encourage co-operation when working within a group of pupils
i would encourage co-operation when working within a group of pupils by: balancing the needs of an individual against those of the
rest of the group and be completely fair about the amount of time i give to each group member. I would consider how they are seen by
the group and be prepared to change the way i work with them if it proves necessary, to ensure a productive working relationship
can be maintained thoughout, I could also demonstrate interest in the group through their body lanuage, attentiveness and use
of lanuage.I would encourage the group to take responsibilty for the way in which they operate and to take responsibilty for
their own interactions and social organisation, I would also monitor and evaluate the dynamics of the group and provide information
advice and encouragement as appropriate to sustain group...

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