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Teaching Essay

279 words - 2 pages

Sydnie Saucedo
Mrs. Webb
English 0321
8, November 2012
Have you ever thought what you would be doing when you finished college? Do you ever think about what you would like to be when you grow up? It really is a lot to think about when you are going to school. Is there something that you just enjoy doing? I know that I really enjoy helping little kids and teaching them new things. I ...view middle of the document...

First, college students who are looking for a career should choose teaching, because of the requirements. You will need to be patience with your students. It is very helpful that you are very organization and can communicate well with others. As a teacher you need to be very enthusiasm and have lots of energy. Especially if you want to be an elementary school become a teacher you will need a four year bachelor’s degree. Most elementary school teachers teach a variety of different subject; Meaning that you will need a well-rounded education. The subjects that you will need to study are science, and language, math, and social studies. You will also need to be very good with working with computers. Once you are in college you can choose to get a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

Work cited
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