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Teachers Uniiouns Effect On Human Resources And How It Impacts Student Performance

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What does existing research say about the teachers unions influence, both positive and negative, on human resources and how that influence impacts students’ performance?
This research is significant because the public school system in the United States as a whole is atrociously underperforming and has been for many years. Most inner city public schools and those public schools that serve the poorer community are outright failing. Some states, such as California, have a parent strike law, which allows the ...view middle of the document...

Job retention would be based on performance and not on seniority. Also, students need to have a choice, whether it be charter school, private, online, etc. School choice would provide students the chance at the best education possible. It has been proven that school choice has an immediate and measurable, positive impact on failing inner city schools (Shokraii, N. H.1997).
In the public school system there is no way of evaluating whether a teacher is meeting school expectations or even state and federal standards Often times, even if a teacher is known to be underperforming in preparing the child for promotion to the next grade level, this teacher is in no way reprimanded or forced to be held responsible. In addition, there are measures in place within the public school system to refrain from holding a child back to repeat a current grade year, often-times even when the parent is pleading for such action. The refusal to hold a student back to repeat a year can have a detrimental on that student succeeding in the future. One measuring tool used is the heavy reliance on standardizing testing as a way to measure school efficiency. Teachers spend a valuable amount of time preparing students to succeed on these state tests in lieu of grade specific or real world applicable course material.
Another significant reason this research question is important is due to the technological advancements that continue to take place at a rapid pace. Online education is now a viable, sometimes advanced alternative to the tradition brook and martar public school set-up. Most states offer at least one online public school free of charge if the student does not attend their

local public school. What are the determining reasons for the states that still do not offer the online school as a public school option? Are the teachers unions opposed to the online? Are the students attending online public schools succeeding, doing the same, or worse off than their public school peers attending traditional school? Do they score above or below their peers on the SAT’s?
One major concern with the teachers unions is the power they have with their collective bargaining agreement and because 36 states do allow collective bargaining this is one area of major concern. Terry M. Moe, a professor from Stanford University said “Collective bargaining would not exist except for the power of the teachers unions, and the core interests they pursue in negotiations are rooted in their own survival and well-being as organizations not in student achievement.” Those who oppose teachers unions believe that rules of the collective bargaining prevent schools from providing and meeting the needs of the students. In turn, this leads to increasing the cost of education without getting any increase in efficient, successful education (Eberts, 2007, p. 176). It’s bothersome that teachers...

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