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Teachers Play A Important Role In Our Lives

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Teachers play a very significant role in our lives. Their role has a great impact upon a student. They are the light of the world. Had there been no teachers; there would be no students. Teachers are our mentors, protectors and knowledge providers. We would be helpless like fish on sand, but if it were not for our teachers who pick us up and put us into the mighty ocean in order to wade bravely with our talents and abilities.

Well, everybody aspires to become someone great in future. Aspiration ranges from person to person. If I were a teacher I have big dreams to fulfil.

Teaching may not be only in the class, but in public places too. If I were a teacher, I would give my best. Indeed, ...view middle of the document...

I would try my best to create a peaceful environment for acquiring knowledge boundlessly.

If I were a teacher I would also keep in mind the powerful saying, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.” I would watch my actions and act accordingly to the above mentioned verse. Apart from bookish knowledge, I would encourage my students to fear God, our creator and impart moral and ethical values. I would also encourage the students to be sociable and God fearing. I would work sincerely and be a dedicated teacher.

I would put in my best effort to my students, and raise different kinds of future leaders all under the same roof. I would encourage healthy competition and make them more skilled. Besides this, I would cooperate with my colleagues and higher authority. I would do my best to uplift the Institution’s name and bring fame in many fields. I would teach my students to be practical about every topic I cover and urge them to put their learning into practice. As a teacher, I would also keep in touch with my students’ parents in order to know more about them and keep a check on their general well-being.  

If I were a teacher, I would also give importance to student’s emotions or sentiments. I would love to learn the cause of their sorrows and sadness. I would also encourage recreation activities. Picnic, I believe, is a...

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