Teach For America: Ensuring A Good Education For Students In Need

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According to the article, What Makes a Great Teacher?, a student's education solely depends on the teacher alone and how he or she performs in the classroom. In this case, I am in favor of having the program, Teach for America, ensuring a good and ever-changing education for those students in need.
The videos embedded within the article gives a clear depiction of what a “good” teacher appears and acts like in front the classroom. These examples derive from actual teachers working with Teach for America illustrating a successful teacher and classroom. Although the Motivator, Tour Guide, Manager, and Connector are all great examples for teachers, current teachers should not epitomize and ...view middle of the document...

Any student, whether in elementary or college, learns better when the subject matter is thought-provoking and appealing. Traditional and old curriculum provides a baseline for students to meet and follow. Also, traditional curriculum is based of individualism and discourages exchanges between the student and teacher. Individual work teaches the child to develop internal critical thinking skills but it may bore the student. Teachers should continually interact with their students and challenge the student to think outside the box. Great teachers in today's system should help students develop a new way of thinking about history, math, english, and science and their education in general.
Another reason that Teach for America is a great program for upcoming teachers and education is that it strives for the improvement of student's work. Though this is another common goal among all teachers, it is the main concern for Teach for America. The amount of support each teacher has for the students by working with this program is significant because it shows the students that they are cared for. Learning and educating is a two-way process and bonds between the student and teacher. If the child knows that the educator is willing to put in the time for him or her, the child will reciprocate those same actions within their classwork. Furthermore, teachers must love and care about their careers as educators because it is evoked in their lessons. Children have vulnerable yet smart minds that are aware of their daily surroundings. The teacher's attitude about the subject can or can not push the child's effort and motivation to work harder. Moreover, improvement of the child's performance is also dependent on the educator's dedication to having one-on-one time with each student. As said in lecture, not every student is the same and requires different types, methods, and approaches toward education (Raley 7/20/10). When one student is succeeding in math, the other may not. One-on-one time gives the teacher a chance to find out the strength and weaknesses of each child and develop certain instructions that plays best for the child ameliorating their work. Changes among the student's commitment for schoolwork is put forth by the teacher's enthusiasm about the students and their education.
In terms of public education, Teach for America tries to avoid Jules Henry's theory of educators teaching pupils how to be “stupid”. The notion of teaching stupidity in the classroom is the idea of incessantly reviewing and repeating subjects that we already know creating conformity and the reliance on the teacher's word (Raley 7/12/10). Schooling systems of tomorrow predicates innovation and imagination. Teachers cannot rehash lessons from the year before or even the month before. Reviewing old work instills the belief of being comfortable and learning until we memorized and understand the lesson or problem; further, the students are not being stimulated when this occurs. As...

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