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The Tea Party is a powerful force, when dealing with the United States Government. Origins of the Tea Party are unclear, however it was created in an outrage against government officials and government dealings within the United States. The group was most likely spread by Facebook and Twitter and other online communities in order to coordinate their effort. The Tea Party has grown to massive proportions around the country, and even contains government officials who participate in what they call “a mission to promote the values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited governments and free markets.”
The Tea Party Movement get their name from the Boston Tea Party event in early ...view middle of the document...

Republicans have a big presence within the movement. However the movement is unbiased and accepts all who would help support them.
The Tea Party generally consist of middle class citizens, are of all ages, conservative or independent and are of all ethnicities. Members repeatedly make claims of being fairly representative of the population as a whole. Major views of the party include, disapproval of Obama's foreign policy with Muslim countries, support for strict immigration laws, and conservative views on other social issues such as the right for gay couples to marry.
In the issue of gay rights, such as gay marriage, the Tea Party believes that that right to marry should only be a bond between a man and a woman. They would be fine if gays had a joined union, or were couples, but to marry would be defiling their Christian belief, which is the religion the country was founded upon. Most major religions of the world don't accept gays into their community, the least the tea party asks is to respect their culture and tradition. Tea Party Protesters against gay marriage state, “Their is no difference between a joined union and a Marriage other than the wording of the event.”
Another one of the key arguments the Tea Party has, is government spending and taxes. They say the government is overtaxing the people and overspending at the worst point of time in the economy. The Stimulus package that was given out hasn't been successful because it was payed for by the peoples taxes. It put more people in jeopardy because they lost money to pay for others and the ones who received the money didn't have enough to keep up with all the new taxes. This left many people resulting to welfare and the governments housing system.
For one of the most important arguments that the Tea Party talks about repeatedly, is government involvement. The United States was created for all men to be created equal and free, yet it seems to the tea party, that it is starting to take more of a...

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