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Tchaikovsky Essay

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Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35 "Unbridled emotion" would perhaps best describe the music of Tchaikovsky. (DiSilvio) Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky* is considered by some one of the best composers ever to write music. Throughout his life he wrote a great amount and variety of music ranging from operas and ballets to orchestral and chamber music, but throughout his live he only wrote one violin concerto. Why did Tchaikovsky decide to write a concerto, and how is his concerto perceived? Tchaikovsky's violin concerto was written following the end of his disastrous marriage with Antonini Ivanova Milioukov. (Kuenning) He arranged to send his wife to Moscow while he traveled to several ...view middle of the document...

(Keays) After three years, Adolf Brodsky decided to play the piece with the famed Vienna Philharmonic. (Kuenning) There was much criticism of the piece. The reaction of the public was decidedly mixed; one of the most vicious comments made was by a man named Eduard Hanslick. Hanslick stated, "The violin is no longer played, but torn apart, pounded black and blue." (Kuenning) Even though there were so many bad reviews given to the piece it is today, with good reason by many people, considered one of the most loved violin concertos ever written.Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D major, Op.35, having been his only violin concerto, is rightfully considered as one of his greatest accomplishments. It is in my opinion that the piece is both moving and filled with lyric melody, while at times is aggressive, almost like a fistfight with a violin. One of his greatest victories of all time and as Elizabeth Glesner stated, "A late victory is better than no victory at all." (Glesner) *some sources present as Piotr, Pytor, Tchaikowsky,...

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