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Taxpayer Survey Questions Essay

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1. As a taxpayer, are you happy with the prison system in the United States?
2. Do you think the prison system is overcrowded?
3. Do you agree with the statement, “The prison system in the U.S. does a good job at helping prisoners re-enter society as law abiding citizens?”
4. Do you think more money should be spent on education rather than prison?
5. The food in public schools is the same grade and quality as the food in prisons, does this surprise you?
6. Guantanamo Bay prisoners, many of which are terrorists, have better healthcare than the average American. Do you think this is fair?

7. There are many crime prevention alternatives that are more efficient, humane, fair and effective than imprisonment. Such ...view middle of the document...

Considering all the benefits offered to inmates, such as healthcare and other benefits, would the average person rather be homeless or in prison?
11. What should be the most important element of a prison? Keeping the person locked up temporarily or keeping the person locked up and allowing the person to have a new life once outside of the prison?
12. Do you believe we should reserve prison for serious offenders and place lesser offenders in community correction facilities?
13. Virginia assesses felony theft, fraud, and drug offenders who would otherwise be sentenced to prison under the state's sentencing guidelines, and sends those deemed low-risk into community corrections. This saves Virginia millions of dollars per year. Do you think other states should implement this type of program?
14. Do you believe felons should have the right to vote?
15. A study done by Jeffery Miron, a professor at Harvard, said that legalizing marijuana would save the government $7.7 billion a year. A large percentage of the money saved would go towards health care and education. After reading this, do you believe marijuana should be legalized?
16. Do you think the government should shorten the average amount of time a prisoner is in prison to save taxpayer money?

17. Do you support the death penalty?
18. Do you believe the main purpose of the juvenile court system should be to rehabilitate the youth or to punish them for what they committed?
19. The lowest performing schools tend to be in the areas where incarceration rates are the highest, while the highest performing schools tend to be in the areas where incarceration rates are the lowest. After reading this, do you believe there is an inverse correlation between education and incarceration?

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