Tax Revenue Implication From The Formalization Of Tax Stamps Usage On The Music And Film Products In Tanzania

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The purpose of this paper is to show the overview of the tax revenue implication from the introduction of tax stamps usage on music and film products in process of protecting their property and copy rights of their works.

The government via Tanzania Revenue Authority intends formalize tax stamp usage to fight against rampant piracy on the music and film products. Minister of Finance has already proposed amendments in Excise (Management and Tariff) Act CAP 147 via his budget speech in the parliament on 14th June 2012.
“I propose to make amendments in the Excise (Management & Tariff) Act CAP 147, in which we will introduce excise duty on music and ...view middle of the document...

The neighboring rights are secondary rights of copyright entitled to performers (includes singers, musicians, dancers and producers of sound recording) in their recording, broadcasting in radios and television programs. Through this law the creators are assured that their works can be disseminated without fear of unauthorized copying or piracy thus increases access to and enhance the enjoyment of knowledge and entertainment all over the world.

The artists and producers will be required to be registered at TRA offices in their location showing that they will be collecting the tax stamps for their work. Meaning TRA will identify them as taxpayers and that no CD/DVD or any other form will be used to sale their work without being stickered with the tax stamps.

The tax stamp collected will be used as best estimates of the amount of CD/DVD that will be produced and sold to their customers. Also the artists will have the control over producers on the agreed amount of distribution quantity of CD/DVD of their work. Thus producers will not be in a position to produce more copies without prior approval of the artists.

The government is proposing to introduce excise duty on music and film products as a measure to prevent and fight against piracy in the country. Moving the budget estimates for the fiscal year 2012/2013, Minister for Finance, William Mgimwa said the excise duty on music and film products such as DVD, VCD, CD, Video Tape and Audio Tape is aimed at assisting operators in this subsector to formalize their business.
From this view the operators will need to identify them themselves with the offices of TRA for the process of obtaining tax stamps to start. In other words they have to be registered as Taxpayers to operate and be covered with the fight against piracy on their work. Once they are registered, TRA will be in a good position to make follow up on their income through the tax stamp issued, hence the excise duty and income tax payment from the production and sale of their work. By implication the tax...

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