Tattoos And Body Piercings Essay

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Tattoos and Body Piercings
Carrie Lynn Zik
December 22, 2014
Jenny Mark

Tattoos and Body Piercings
What is the first impression people get whenever they see someone with a face full of piercings or tattoos all over their body? What were they thinking? Why would they do that? Are they in a gang or are they going to hurt someone? Movies and society have been stereotyping those with tattoos and body piercings for years. The truth of the art is much more than skin deep. While piercings and tattoos have become a trend, educating people about the culture, history, and risk of them can change society’s perspective on today’s definition.
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) According to “Crow Symbol” (2004), “Native Indian symbols are still used in tattoos and were used for a variety of reasons and depicted on numerous objects” (para. 2.) On the other hand, western Asia’s Ainu people symbolized tattoos to express social status. According to “Tattoo You” (n.d.) “girls coming of age were marked to announce their place in society, as well as the married women” (para. 4). Ainu people were recognized for introducing tattoos to Japan (“Tattoo You,” n.d.) For instance, when tattoos started in Japan, they were only used to mark criminals and their offenses. A line across the forehead marked first-time offenders. If they continued as a second-time offender, an arch would be added to the previous line. Furthermore, if they became a third-time offender, a second line was added to their forehead. Third-time offenders were known as “dogs” for that is the Japanese symbol combined. The tattoo was recognized to be the original “three strikes you’re out” law (“Tattoo You,” n.d.)
Complications from unsterilized instruments can lead to life-threatening infections. “The most common bacterial skin infections are caused by Streptococcus and Staphylococcus aureus, which have been reported among tattoo recipients.” (“Piercings and tattoos,” 2014 para. 12.) As a result from non-sterile tools, infections such as hepatitis and HIV can be transmitted through tattoos and body piercings. During 1961, there was an outbreak of hepatitis in the American culture while constructing tattoos. The risk of infection made the art decrease in popularity. Some people suffered major complications from piercings. For example, some encountered severe tetanus infections or damaged cartilage that could result in surgical procedures. Oral piercing risks include nerve damage, drooling from extreme saliva production,...

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