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Tata Nano Rmd Project Essay

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A questionnaire was administered to 74 survey respondents. The target respondents were mostly people who had either bought a small car/sedan/SUV in the past or intended to buy one in the near future. Most of them fell in the ‘middle class’ category which also included lower and upper middle classes. Respondents were selected from a mix of Tier I and Tier II cities namely-Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Trichy, Kancheepuram and Pune. The questionnaire is available in the Appendix section.


Demographic details of the respondents:


Respondents from all age groups were selected to identify how age influences awareness and ...view middle of the document...

Dependent Variable: consideration |
Model | Sum of Squares | Df | Mean Square | F | Sig. |
1 | Regression | .080 | 1 | .080 | .333 | .566b |
| Residual | 17.325 | 72 | .241 | | |
| Total | 17.405 | 73 | | | |
a. Dependent Variable: consideration b. Predictors: (Constant), Gender |
As R and R square values are low, any strong correlation between the two could not be identified. Also as the significance level (p value) is high in ANOVA (implies that there is no definite relation and results are more likely to be due to chance), it is concluded that Gender does not affect the customer’s perception and attitude towards the NANO.
Similarly it was found that Age too did not have much effect on affecting the customer’s choice as can be seen from the low R and R square values below.
Model | R | R Square | Adjusted R Square | Std. Error of the Estimate |
1 | .150a | .023 | .009 | .486 |

a. Predictors: (Constant), Age b. Dependent Variable: consideration |
Model | Sum of Squares | Df | Mean Square | F | Sig. |
1 | Regression | .394 | 1 | .394 | 1.668 | .201b |
| Residual | 17.011 | 72 | .236 | | |
| Total | 17.405 | 73 | | | |
a. Dependent Variable: consideration b. Predictors: (Constant), Age |
Here again the significance (p-value) was large indicating that whatever minimum correlation was observed was more likely to be due to chance and not because of any inter-relationship. Hence age does not play any role in affecting the customer’s attitude towards the NANO.The number of family members present in a family also did not show any impact on whether the customer included the NANO in his/her consideration set or not. The regression results are as below: |
Model | R | R Square | Adjusted R Square | Std. Error of the Estimate |
1 | .244a | .060 | .047 | .477 |
a. Predictors: (Constant), family_members b. Dependent Variable: consideration |
Model | Sum of Squares | df | Mean Square | F | Sig. |
1 | Regression | 1.037 | 1 | 1.037 | 4.562 | .036b |
| Residual | 16.368 | 72 | .227 | | |
| Total | 17.405 | 73 | | | |
a. Dependent Variable: consideration b. Predictors: (Constant), family_membersHere again R and R square values were low and no definite relationship could be observed. |
However some correlation could be observed between ‘Consideration’ values and other decision variables as can be seen from the Cross tabulations below. Consideration is a variable which takes nominal values. 1 denotes that the customer has included the NANO in his past consideration set or for any future car purchases that he may be involved with. 2 denotes that the NANO was not a part of the customer’s consideration set when purchasing a new car in the past/ currently. |

Crosstabs is an SPSS procedure that cross-tabulates two variables, thus displaying their relationship in tabular form. In contrast...

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