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Tata Motors Fy 2010 Report

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FY10 Results Review – Analyst Meet
27th May, 2010

Statements in this presentation describing the Company’s objectives, projections, estimates, expectations may be “forward looking statements” within the meaning of applicable securities laws and regulations. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied. Important factors that could make a difference to the Company’s operations include, among others, economic conditions affecting demand / supply and price conditions in the domestic and overseas markets in which the Company operates, changes in Government regulations, tax laws and other statutes and incidental factors


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136 107





% Growth of Industrial Production

12.9 9.3 3.8
Q1 Q2 Q3




573 406 454 470

New Vehicle Finance Disbursement

Rs. Crs

71,200 59,300

FY09 FY10




Figs in bracket refer to y-o-y growth rates INVESTOR RELATIONS

And Tata Motors Improved India Market Position
63.8% 64.2%

Market Share

13.6 % 25.3%
207,512 39,295 53,057


373,842 265,373

260,020* 33,507 68,195 158,093
UV Midsize Small Car


151,678 155,142






*Includes FIAT cars and sale of JLR vehicles in India

Increased freight availability saw a shift in customer preference from MCVs to HCVs LCV segment which turned around earlier than larger trucks continues its strong run-rate New product launches improved market position in the car segment. UV performance improved in Q4 following launch of the Sumo Grande MK-II 30,763 Nanos delivered during the year

The India Business Displayed Strong Operating Profitability
Rs Crores Net Revenue EBITDA EBITDA margin PBT PAT Cash Profit FY09 25,630 1,752 6.84% 1,014 1,001 2,005 FY10 35,593 4,178 11.74% 2,830 2,240 4,928 % change 38.9% 138% 490 bps 179% 124% 146%

Note : On March 30, 2010, the company has divested its controlling stake (20%) in Telco Construction Equipment Company Ltd. The resultant profit of Rs 1057.92 crores is included in other income. During the year ended March 31, 2010, TML Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, has redeemed preference shares of the face value of USD 195.1 million at a discount of USD 189.2 million. Consequent to the redemption, the company has recognized a loss of Rs. 850.86 crores, shown as exceptional item. INVESTOR RELATIONS 7

JLR Business Also Shows Significant Rebound through the Year…..

June’08 Mar’09 Million GBP

Apr June’09

July Sep’09

Oct Dec’09



Net Revenue EBITDA EBITDA margin PBT PAT

4,974 (41) (0.8%) (281) (306)

1,125 (34) (3.02%) (62) (64)

1,420 41 2.89% (52) (60)

1,961 192 9.79% 57 55

2,048 233 11.4% 89 73

6,554 432 6.6% 32 3




Supported by Operating Cost Improvement together with....
Retail growth aided by Stabilisation of Consumer sentiments (‘000 units)
49 48 33 57 55 57 59
1.7 1.6 1.5 1.4
Whol es al e Ret ai l

Favorable Currency Movement

47 36 47 44 47

Oc t - D e c ' 0 8

J a n- M a r '0 9

A pr - J une ' 0 9

J ul y - Se p'0 9

Oc t - D e c ' 0 9

J a n- M a r '1 0







Wholesale Growth due to Significant De-stocking
I nv e nt or y D a y s ( C ompa ny + D e a l e r ) 125 104 99 79 79

1.21 1.19 1.17 1.15 1.13 1.11 1.09 1.07 1.05...

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