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Tata Group Essay

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Term Paper Proposal
Company: TATA Motors Group – India Business & Jaguar Land Rover
“To be passionate in anticipating and providing the best vehicles and experiences that excite our
customers globally”
Most admired by our customers, employees, business partners and shareholders for the experience and
value they enjoy from being with us.
Marketing Objectives
Tata motors is a leading automobile brand. It is most widely known for its commercial vehicles such as
buses and trucks. However, TATA motors has also started an excellent expansion in passenger cars and it
is rapidly gaining market share. The Marketing mix of Tata Motors talks about the 4P of the brand which
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The distribution of vehicle must be in a very systematic way,
from the plant to dealership and to end user. This is not only in India itself but also to the world-wide
4. Promotion in the marketing mix of Tata Motors – Tata motors promote their products via
Advertising and after sales services
5. People in the marketing mix of Tata Motors – Tata Motors owe our success to the highly
motivated and talented staff. Our recruitment division picks the crème-de-la-crème from premier
universities, management and engineering institutes in India. they put them through rigorous training
programmes to hone their entrepreneurial skills and impart comprehensive product knowledge.
6. Processes in the marketing mix of Tata Motors – Tata motors follow Balanced Scorecard
Collaborative, Inc for achieving excellence in overall Company performance.
7. Physical Evidence in the marketing mix of Tata Motors – The management of the company
has managed to keep their hopes alive even in this recession and hopes that the worse is behind Tata
Motors recently launched the most awaited car of the year, Tata Tiago and the company has already
received 2300 booking that are fully paid and 70 percent of the applicants are ready to wait till the end of
2016 for the car to be manufactured.
---- Quantified marketing objectives to be included in this section -----
Key performance indicators
1. Gross Profit Margin - Gross profit margin = (revenue - cost of goods sold)/revenue
2. Net Profit- The amount of cash left over after you have paid all the bills
Net profit = total revenue - total expenses
3. Net Profit Margin- what percentage of our revenue is profit.
Net profit margin = net profit/total revenue
4. Current Ratio- This basically describes the ability to pay the bills.
Current ratio = current assets/current liabilities
5. Return on net assets (RONA) - It is also measure of financial performance.
RONA = Net Income / (Fixed Assets + current liabilities)
KPI of 2014-2015
Situational Analysis
PEST Analysis
1. Political
 The Singur Controversy
 TML acquired a land of 997 acres for manufacturing Cars by state government support.
 But this acquisition required the displacement of farmers.
 It attracted heavy criticisms, “Save Farmland” movement was started by opposition
leader Mamata Bannerjee.
 On 3rd October, 2008, TML closed its plant from Singur.
 It was later established in Sanand, Gujarat.
2. Economical
• TML’s economic scenario is quite promising with GDP growth rate around 7%.
• However, high interest rates and low freight availability impacted its financial infrastructure in
first quarter of 2013.
• During the same time, price pressure from competitors also marred its financial position.
• The commercial vehicle segment of TML gave it an edge over others at this time and the big
and mid-sized vehicles helped TML to regain...

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