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Tasks Common To Microsoft Excel And Microsoft Word

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Tasks common to both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are not so easy to find. The reason for this is because the programs are very different. Both are run by Microsoft Windows, the operating system, but the tasks done in them are almost completely opposite. Firstly, Word is a word processing program in which you are able to type various kinds of documents such as letters and memos. The program also includes pre-made formats for many types of tasks in which you may just fill in your information to personalize it. Microsoft Excel is almost nothing like this. Excel is a spreadsheet, mostly meant for tables, charts, and information that needs to be organized into categories. ...view middle of the document...

The File options are pretty standard throughout Microsoft Windows Programs. Also on the menu bar in both programs is edit, where you are able to perform different editing tasks such as undoing an action, copying, pasting, and the like. View is an option in both, where you can choose a layout view. Insert is on both, but the options are different on the inset menu, based on the type of program it is.Some other tasks are common to most Windows programs. These tasks are usually very generic such as font options where you are able to bold, italicize and underline a font, and change the type, size or color. You are also able to align the text on the right or left, or even center it by clicking the appropriate buttons. Windows also is supposed to be easy to use in the way that all the programs have many buttons within them showing icons of what may be done, such as a printer for the ?print? button, and a disk for the ?save? button. Luckily though, in case you get confused, they all have ?Help? as an option on the menu bar just in case you get stuck. ?Help? allows you to search for help topics or look in the help index to find exactly what you need. For exiting the program, although Rabbi Pahmer says it is actually bad to do so, they all contain an X in the top-right corner to exit. There is also a Restore button by which you are able to make the current window it?s original size or maximize to take up the full screen, and a minimize button to minimize it to the size of a small tab.

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